Saturday, July 7, 2012

Complete the Caption

He's reading the paper and she's looking over his shoulder - why? Is she trying to distract him, or read the sports scores, or warn him, or...

Complete the caption by filling in the thought bubbles, and I will share your contributions in the next post.
From Hermione's Heart


sixofthebest said...

She says, "They predict the weather forecast for the day will reach 100 degree's. He say's "Yes, darling wife, but your bare bottom, will sizzle, even more after the good spanking, I'm about to give you".

Michael said...

1st scenario

Sheila is thinking: "My makeup is done to perfection, I'm dressed to thrill and Frank thinks he is fooling me by trying to play it cool but I see that bulge in his pants. How long can he hold out before he rips my clothes off?"

Frank is thinking: "Oh, how my darling wife loves to tease me. I'll give it a few more seconds then will pounce on her and tear those clothes off with my teeth until she is wearing nothing but makeup and that will be smeared with our animal lust as we make love like wild people."

2nd scenario:

Monique is thinking: "Ha, this is the easiest money I ever made. I don't understand his fetish but I wish I had more clients who just wanted to read the paper while I draped myself across them looking pretty. I don't even have to speak! Ahhhhhh, this is heaven."

Benjamin is thinking: "Ahhhhhh, this is so relaxing after all the stress of Wall Street all week. Just to decompress with a beautiful woman hanging on me with no demands. I just need her to be silent and pretty. This is the best money I ever spent. This is heaven"

Aimless Rambling said...

Her: What do I have to do to get him to put down that paper?

Him: If she doesn't stop I am going to have to put down this paper and give her what she wants, but first a good spanking.

SNP said...

She: "The paper hits the floor, he loves these pearls!, and I will enjoy being a lady no more."

He: The dress hits the floor, I have plans for those pearls, and will enjoy spanking her bottom all the more!"

Kingspan said...

She: I wonder how long he can concentrate on the stock prices when he's smelling my perfume and hearing my dress rustle.

He: I can't concentrate at all. All I can think about is a role play for tonight: young lady gets in trouble for distracting her Daddy while he tries to read the newspaper.

She: Tick tock, Darling. The sports scores will still be the same in the morning, but you do not want to keep me waiting.

He: If I keep her waiting much longer, I'm likely to be over her lap getting the hairbrush. I think about another two minutes ought to do it...

Unknown said...

She... "now if i tickle the back of his hair in a seductive way, will it take him long to get the hairbrush out?
Him... "where's the hairbrush? It needs a good warm up!"

vfrat25000 said...

She thinks: The kids are at Mom’s and we are going to be so naughty tonight! I can hardly wait. Take me you animal!
He: Another fifteen minutes and Jim will be here with his new fishing boat. Another hour and we are ON the LAKE!

She: I can’t wait until Mr. Clueless notices I changed his homepage on his laptop to Chross’s Spanking Blog and added 15 other spanking blogs to his favorites list. Maybe then he will get the hint!
He: I wonder if it would be a good time to tell the Mrs. that I gave Reverend McIntosh my old laptop computer and bought a brand new one this morning. I hope she won’t be mad.

She whispers in his ear. Oh Danny I am such a naughty girl. I should be soundly spanked!
He: Oh great, Marge is obviously wanting spanked again tonight. My hand is so sore from Tuesday. Tonight, let’s see what she thinks of Grandpa’s Old Wooden Hairbrush.

She: Hey Billy Peterson, did I ever tell you I won some gymnastic awards in high school. Do you want to see some of my moves?
He: I wish my Boss Fred wouldn’t let his wife start on those double Margaritas so early in the evening.

Her: (Thinking) I have all his access codes and account numbers and my plane ticket to Brazil.
Him: (Reading the Newspaper) the police are still on a nationwide manhunt for the Pearl Killer. A woman serial killer who often wears pearls and red dresses
Him: (Thinking) WOW! I think Mable is the “Pearl Killer” Oh well; she lets me spank her ITS WORTH IT!

Unknown said...

She says ??????
He says: why do I have to read her mind... why won't she just suggest what she wants...
bottoms up

Emen said...

Omg these captions are brilliant. I'm not touching this.

Applause! Applause!

Unknown said...

Guy: I love Ana, I can't wait 'til she gets spanked again. I wish I could tell my wife I am reading shades of grey, but she'd never let me live it down...

Girl: I knew the news hadn't suddenly gotten THAT interesting - I wish he wouldn't hide it though, I think it's so hot he is reading this...oooh I love this part!

Adaline Raine said...

Everyone I have thought of is already topped with these amazing comments. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

He: Damn Yankees lost 9-4.

She: Go Red Sox! I'll have to console him later.

Ana said...

Her: I've let down one shoulder strap...I dare you to look up. Double dare you.

Him: Maybe if I pretend not to see her, she'll go away...

ronnie said...

Him - "I know what Rachel wants and she will certainly get it if she doesn't let me finish reading my paper."

Her - "Roger thinks I want a spanking but all I want is the women's section of the paper."


Spankedhortic II said...

His bubble - Ha Ha! Managed to sneak a peek at topless Tina, on page three, without her noticing.

Her Bubble - You're busted Mr.


Unknown said...

I don't have any bright ideas, but wanted to let you know that I named your blog as One Lovely Blog in my post here:

Bonnie said...

She: If I rub my boob against his bald spot, I bet he'll notice.

He: My concentration must be off today. I keep losing my place.

Fondles said...

I don't have a caption but I love coming by to read what the others have to say. thanks for posting the pics!

BTW I linked you in THIS POST