Monday, September 23, 2013

From the Top Shelf - The Reckoning

The Reckoning, published by Blue Moon books, is a collection of short stories by Rachel King. This selection is from one of the stories, called "Coping with Jilly" and for a change, we begin in the middle, part way through Jilly's first spanking. What naughtiness did she get up to that earned her a bottom-warming? I'll leave that to your imagination, but she must have provoked him severely.

Robert was really hurting her now. The seat of her trousers felt hot and sore, and each time his hand exploded with a resounding 'SPLAT!' on her poor outraged behind, it seemed to inflame the nerve endings and produce an electric shock that made her wriggle like an eel across his lap, causing her big brown eyes to mist over with tears.

He must have smacked her thus for several minutes - though it felt more like half an hour to Jilly - before he finally stopped. She lay there over his knee - hot, breathless and panting.

Robert, however, was even more out of breath than Jilly. He made a mental note to spend more time in the gym, since he clearly wasn't as fit as he supposed. His right hand smarted and ached every bit as much as Jilly's bottom. Yet he still hadn't achieved the effect he desired. There were no proper tears - only one or two self pitying snuffles. He knew if he let her get up now she'd have won the day - and she'd never let him forget it. Things would be back to where they were with Jilly calling the tune.

No. Since he'd embarked on such a drastic course of action he'd have to go the whole hog and break her spirit. But how?

Her trousers! He'd make her take them off. It was the taut trouser fabric that was hurting his hand , as well as providing much too much protection for Jilly's bottom.

"Get up Jilly" he said brusquely. Thinking it was all over, she lifted herself thankfully off his lap and turned towards him, a sultry pout of derision on her face.

When Robert told her to remove her trousers, her face fell and she blushed, more crimson than before.

"Don't make me tell you again, Jilly, just do as I say. If you don't I'll damn well rip them off myself!" he snapped, reveling in the power he wielded over her.

Jilly was about to protest bitterly when she noticed the steely determination in Robert's eyes. He really did mean it and she hated to think of her only pair of decent trousers ruined beyond repair. So, for once in her life, she did as she was told.

Jilly was in fact a painfully shy girl, and she'd never done such an intimate thing as take down her trousers in front of a boy before. Her hands shook so much that all sorts of silly things went wrong. The front button refused to unbutton and she tugged so hard at it that it flew off and nearly hit Robert in the face. Neither of them thought it was funny. Then the zipper got caught in a thread of cotton from her tee-shirt and Robert had to help her free it.

Jilly felt hot and sticky from nervous perspiration. Her trousers stuck to her legs and she had quite a job peeling them off. She was aware of Robert's eyes watching her every move, eager and possessive.

She felt intensely humiliated that he'd spanked her, yet mingled with her burning resentment was an element of sneaking admiration that he'd actually been man enough to do it...that he'd conquered and subdued her will so effectively that there she was standing in front of him in nothing but her tee-shirt, panties and socks - fearfully awaiting a further dose of what he'd already given her. Only this time she knew from childhood experience that it was going to hurt a damn sight more in just her knickers.

Unaware of what she was doing, she put her hands down the back of her brief white nylon panties and, to comfort herself, began caressing her sore maltreated bottom...However on the wall behind Jilly there hung a large oval, gilt framed mirror in which Robert could observe a most interesting rear view of her: the bikini style panties disappearing into the intriguing valley of her bottom cleft; her bottom cheeks pink and blushing from the spanking he had already given them. They looked almost comical with their hot, glowing rubescence - like a clown's make up - and effectively sabotaged what little dignity she still possessed.

Robert suppressed a chuckle, then hauled the crimson faced Jilly back across his lap and began spanking her all over again.

Poor Jilly. I do hope she learned her lesson. Or did she instead learn to love spanking? Inquiring minds want to know!

From Hermione's Heart


garyntboy said...

I suspect the latter, well I certainly did as you know. Great story so far Hermione, look forward to the next installment.
Kind regards,

bob said...

She definitely likes the spanking, now she will ponder on how to get another spanking


ronnie said...


I'd say she enjoyed the spanking more than she thought she would.

I wonder what she did or said to deserve her spanking.

Thanks for sharing.


Hermione said...

Gary - Who wouldn't enjoy a spanking? At least, after the soreness has subsided.

Bob - I'm sure she will find a way.

Ronnie - I suspect she was trying to be in charge and have her own way.


Roz said...

Great snippet Hermione, thanks for sharing :) I agree, I'd say she learnt to enjoy spanking. I hope so because I see plenty more in her future LoL


Hermione said...

Roz - I had the same thought. One was good, two would be better:)