Sunday, September 15, 2013

You Completed the Caption

These lovely young ladies had your imaginations working overtime. Here's what you said:

Sunnygirl: I'm going to measure so we make those pants skin tight so they hug those curves just right.

DelFonte: So I should tell him to aim above the line...?

Prefectdt: This is the cover photo from the book "Body Painting And Body Art, The Early Days".

Six of the best: It's a pleasure to measure a cane mark's treasure.

Baxter: I will make sure all the spanks with the paddle and cane are above the line.

Welcome, Baxter!

 Mike: OK, so anything below the line, 12 inches below your bum, is a foot fault...

Ronnie: "If I can draw lines that look like you've been caned maybe Miss Pritchard will think you have and let you off with a warning."

Ricky: Are my seams straight?
No, not after that spanking!

Hermione: When Mary ran out of drawing paper, she continued her sketching on the nearest available surface.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Next week, I'll have something special for you to caption.

From Hermione's Heart

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