Sunday, September 1, 2013

You Completed the Caption

You completed the caption like this:

Sir Wendel Jones: Man – “. . . . . and you’ll be amazed at how much a spanking is also going to warm you up.”

DelFonte: You're using the convertible! You know know I'm not an exhibitionist.

Michael M: Golly gosh I am so sorry I spattered mud on your face. And its such a pretty face too. Let me drive you home to clean it up. I bet you look gorgeous without those spectacles on.

Kenzie: You wont be needing that coat, or much of anything else on once we get home.

I know its not I Love Lucy but the guy reminds me of Ricky, so...
You've got some splaiiiining to do!

Mitch: He: I said please wear your pink dress, not your mink, Bess.

Kingspan: "Young man, if you need to have a woman change a tire for you, the least you could do is get out of the car. I can see we need to teach you both some skills and some manners."

Ricky: So, it's the painted veil, is it? Does that mean I can't have you? Then, farewell forever, my dear!

(Piano going like crazy and all the women in the audience crying profusely.)

Arched one: Please don't be mad at me, I'm sorry I got mud on you. If you want you can spank me for it right here and now.

Sunnygirl: Don't all you women use mud packs for your facials?

Ronnie: "Oh Mary, I'm sorry, but you do look cute with that mud on your face now come on and I'll take you for a drive."

Daisy Christian: Don't be mad at me for the mud on your face, your the one who got out of the car.

Six of the best: "You will not need that fur coat my dear. For you will soon feel the warmth of a good spanking on that bare bottom of yours." said the man.

A. Lurker:  Bad attitude from his girl in a mink
Made him pause a while to think
"I'll put her over the hood,
It will do us both good,
When that impertinent butt turns bright pink!"

Vfrat25000: Betty the librarian did not take kindly to the snooty Mrs. Winthrop Vandergaten calling her “Four Eyes.” She wore her spoils of war, a mink coat and a bit of mud proudly.

I’m Peter Hampton Rothschild the III and you are obviously a bat crap crazy hitchhiker. Want to go get a Pepsi?

You are a naked stranger wearing nothing except for a mink coat, you are splattered with mud, your 10 miles outside of town without a car, its 100 degrees in the shade and you just asked me to turn you over my knee and spank you soundly.

Just once in a while, I wish I could have an unusual Sunday afternoon. It’s always the same old boring crap! 

Hermione: I warned you about dating that tattoo artist.

Thanks for joining in and completing the last caption for August - or should that be the first caption for September? In either case, it was fun!

From Hermione's Heart

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