Thursday, September 12, 2013

Yes, Chef!

He's the chef we love to hate - Gordon Ramsey. In his reality show, Hell's Kitchen, there is plenty of pain and punishment, domination and submission. In 2009, the Village Voice interviewed Mistress Christian, a professional dominatrix in Manhattan and the author of The Domestic Dominatrix, and asked her for her thoughts on the show. 

Did the show strike you as having S&M elements?

Yes. I think Ramsay is very dominating. I'd hire him in a second as a Master.There's a lot of humiliation, which is very British. I don't know if you're familiar with their education system. Back in the day, humiliation was incorporated into their discipline. It wasn't just getting the ruler, they also had their pants around their ankles while everyone watched. I have a lot of British clients, and as soon as I hear that voice, I know we're going to do that scenario. Some of my older clients were made to wear girl's panties in front of the classroom. This is the older people, I'm sure they have restrictions nowadays. If this particular chef [Ramsay] was to come see me, I can guarantee he'd have the pink panties, the little frilly ones, and I'd be calling in other girls to watch me spank him. Typically, he's the type of client that I would see.

Here he is about to give a young lady (possibly his wife?) a goodbye spank on her fashionable jeans. Cone to think of it, he looks rather spankable himself.

From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

Interesting take from Mistress Christian. Chef Ramsay is definitely dominating. The part about him wearing the frilly pink panties and calling in other girls to watch her spank him cracked me up.

I agree, he does look rather spankable :)


Aimless Rambling said...

Don't know anything about Chef Ramsay, but I loved the last picture. The way I love getting a goodbye, or even a hello in that way.

Hermione said...

Roz - I never considered it before, but after the comments about pink panties, I wonder what is under his chef whites.

Sunny - It was quite a find, since I have always thought of him as a man I'd love to be spanked by.


smuccatelli said...

I hate that guy! He has a face like a clenched fist. If he ever tried any of that shit with me in a kitchen full of large knives and heavy pots and pans he'd need immediate medical attention, if not actual surgery.

garyntboy said...

I have met Gordan Ramsey, a few years ago now, but he was a perfect gentleman. No sign of rants or ravings although he did swear quite alot. Can't say that I wanted him to spank me though.
Kind regards,

Hermione said...

Smuccatelli - I guess you wouldn't want a job as his sous chef, then.

Gary - I have seen him on three of his shows - the Christmas series, the Ultimate Cookery course, and Basics of cooking, and he is lovely and calm, explains and demonstrates well. He's only an evil maniac to stress the contestants. I wish I could meet him one day.