Thursday, February 26, 2015

Complete the Caption

This couple is fully clothed, observing the "three feet on the floor" rule, and enjoying a quiet evening in. But wait! Is that an exposed ankle I see? Google censors will surely shut my blog down for displaying such an offensive photo.

Until they do, I invite you to complete the caption by leaving a comment. I will publish your captions in an upcoming post if I am still around.
From Hermione's Heart


Mick Collins said...

isn't it strange that when 50 Shades is breaking box office records for a "sexually themed" movie, google is cracking down on bloggers?


Roz said...

Mmm, there's nothing like milk and cookies after a maintenance spanking.

stay at home mom said...

oh James, I feel so much better informed, now that google tells us what sexually explicit smut is. But don't you think I can at least take my skirt off for the spanking?

Anonymous said...

giggles: 'Isn't it a shame we can not show the rest of the serie, where I was milking you and you were eating .. coughs… cookies."

ricky said...

Good one, Roz!
Maybe that's why she needs some ankle ventilation to cool down.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what I thought Mick Collins.

As for the pic - Dear, please have some cookies before you put me over your knee and punish me for burning dinner.

Aimless Rambling said...

"Now my head is resting on his knee, I hope that soon some other part of me will be taking it's place resting on his knee."

Anonymous said...

Ron could hardly contain himself as he looked longingly at Hermione's bare arm.


WendelJones said...



If it wasn’t socially immoral I’d love to put her over my knee and spank the dickens out of her.

A. Lurker said...

We kept 3 feet on the floor
And didn't close the door
But we did show some skin
So Google weighed in
And now this blog is no more!


ronnie said...

Jenny wasn't sure if it was the cookies and milk or the spanking she just had that was making her smile.


Dr. Ken said...

"(sigh) An evening in with my guy, sharing some milk and listening to the latest records. Could it get any better than this? Well, maybe if he pulled me over his knee, raised my skirt, and spanked my bare bottom...."

Baxter said...

Oh dear I so love your knee, especially when you drag me across it, lift my skirt and pull down my panties and spank my bottom. Please do it after milk and cookies.


Vfrat25000 said...

I want to have six babies!
I want to get the h*ll out here! I hope she left the front door unlocked!

Mable I want to design and build a computer.
Jimmy, what’s a computer?
A much faster way to look at PORN!
Oh, OK!

Hillary, I want to be President when I get older!
Oh Bill I think that’s wonderful. Can I be a President too?

I think her “Meatloaf Surprise” is starting to back up. It’s never bothered me before!
I hope that “Meatloaf Surprise” with Ex Lax Sauce kicks in pretty soon. That will teach him to stand in the school hallway talking to that Hussy Betty Lou!

Him: I am going nail her tonight like a new sheet of wallboard!
Her: I can’t wait. I think I get my first kiss tonight!

Him: I wonder if she will let me kiss her goodnight.
Her: I wonder how many zaps with my Taser he will take while tied naked to the bed posts and covered with olive oil.