Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday FAIL

I'm a huge dog lover; that is, I love all dogs, not just the big ones. But it's not all fun andf games. Here are a few of the irritating foibles of man's best friend.

But we love hem anyway!
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

LoL Hermione, oh my, the first one...ick! lol. Hope you have a great weekend :)


Baxter said...

dogs are great. our first Samoyed rescue had this bone that she chewed on for a long time. One night probably around 1 or 2 am, she came down the hall and 'threw' the bone into our bedroom and it bounced on the hardwood floor into the metal baseboard. Waking up so fast and turning on the light, there she was, standing there with the Samoyed smile, looking quite satisfied with herself. She didn't want to go out, so I guess she was being playful. What do you say? Not much, when you have a Samoyed around.

Katie said...

LOL Hermione! :) Dogs sure are wonderful, even when they are naughty! I sure do miss ours!!!

Oh, that poor woman after the 3,2,1! That would be a day buster! HA! Thanks for sharing! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Anonymous said...


No Boy, I said KISS her face!!

Carl H

kdpierre said...

These are very funny but evidence for why I am not a furry-pet fan. I like my pets to have they fish or reptile.

My girls are quiet, never leave a mess, don't smell, shed in one long skin rather than a couch-full of clingy hairs, and I only have to feed them once a week!

But to each their own I suppose. The only thing I sometimes resent about dog owners, is the way they let their pests (not a typo) annoy their guests (like me). I hate being jumped upon, sniffed in the groin, barked at, etc. I often wonder if the same people who find this acceptable would appreciate if I dropped one of my slithery girls in their lap while they were having dinner?

kdpierre said...

Oh, and just so no one gets too grossed out.....I could be wrong, but after giving the first image a really good look, I would bet a large sum of money that it was Photo-shopped. And I think it was the girl who was spliced in. How many bikini-wearing people would lay directly on grass rather than on a blanket, towel, or even their own discarded outer clothes.....(of which there are none to be seen) and be utterly unaware of a dog next to them? So don't worry, no one got peed on.

Besides if you took THAT shot, and the dog peed.....what person would not shoot the girl's reaction?! THAT would be even funnier than the set-up.

(It's still funny though.)

Cat said...

All of these are funny...thanks for sharing, Hermione. :)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Funny Hermione. Thanks. Still miss our GS.


Hermione said...

Roz - I'll bet it has happened though.

Baxter - She sounds like a sweetie. My childhood friends had a Samoyed so I know the breed well.

Katie - I'm sorry for your loss. Are you planning on getting another canine friend?

Carl - Great caption!

kdpierre - there are dog people, and cat people, and reptile people. To each his own!

Cat - I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Ronnie - We have had two GSDs and they are lovely dogs.


kdpierre said...

"kdpierre - there are dog people, and cat people, and reptile people. To each his own!"

Absolutely! just being sarcastic/funny about the differences. I am surrounded by furry-pet owners. ;-)