Saturday, February 11, 2017

You Completed the Caption

Wow! This photo that inspired some great captions.

Baxter: If I keep my panties tight like this, maybe that cute team mate of mine will want to spank my cute butt.

I love showing my butt and crack like this as it drives the old guys crazy, maybe crazy enough to pull me over their knee and deal with my insolence.

It is a shame I have to wear these panties which cover up such a sexy spankable bottom but that is what you get for living in a prudish society.

My boyfriend is watching and told me to not show my butt off like this or I would get a spanking. I can't wait for the game to be over so he can do his worst.

Anon 1: It was going to be difficult enough to get through this match after the spanking the coach gave me for being late, but these tight shorts really hold the heat in and accentuate the sting in my bottom every time I move.

I hate it when my boyfriend spanks me before a match. Not only do I have to play while nursing a sore bottom, but these shorts barely cover the damage, and if they ride up even just a little bit, everybody in here will see how red my behind is and know that I just got spanked.

Leigh: "Oh, to have a tush like that."

kdpierre: While Cindy had always dreamed of being approached for a product endorsement, she wondered if signing with "Bubble-Butt Bubble-gum" was a good idea.

Ronnie: The BBC got many complaints from lady viewers as to why the camera kept switching from the game to this girls bottom.

Sir Wendel: “Serving” up a spanking.

Women’s Volleyball and Spanking. Two great activities that go great together.

Anon 2: As they prepared to start the first set, Kelly really wished she hadn't been such a bitch to her boyfriend that afternoon because she was finding it extremely difficult to concentrate on the match when every movement reminded her of the sound paddling he'd administered just before she'd left for the gym. She wanted so much to rub her behind to relieve the sting, but she knew that doing so would draw even more attention to her swollen bottom and tip off everyone in the crowd about her plight.

Normally, she liked the way her tight shorts displayed her round bubble butt and enjoyed wiggling and shaking her booty for the crowd, which was what had led to the fight with her boyfriend, but now she just felt conspicuous standing in the middle of the court and thinking about how much her behavior had embarrassed her boyfriend and what a naughty little brat she'd been. She also knew that if she didn't play well, the coach would bench her, which would mean she'd have to sit on the wooden bench, squirming and wriggling around on her sore bottom for the rest of the match, which she felt would also reveal her secret to the world. And on top of that, she couldn't stop thinking about her boyfriend's promise that she was in for a very long session across his lap when she got home that evening.

So when she looked up in the stands and spotted her grinning boyfriend wagging his finger at her to remind her that she’d better be at her best and on her best behavior, she realized that he knew all along what would be going on in her head right now and that this was part of her punishment. As she got ready to take her position for the match to begin, she gave her bottom a quick rub and smiled back at him to let him know that while she was aware that she was definitely a brat who’d earned the justice he was meting out to her, she also understood that she was, indeed, a very, very lucky brat to have a loving boyfriend who knew exactly how to keep her in line.

ricky: Border Guard Memo: Mule Disguise Number One
(Alas, they never get caught.)

Please stay for brunch, being served in the snack bar under the bleachers in a few yours.
From Hermione's Heart

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