Sunday, February 19, 2017

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #164

Come on in and join us for our regular weekly get-together. The cofee's hot and the pastries are fresh, so find a soft chair and let's discuss this week's topic.

Have you or your partner ever used spanking as motivation to break a bad habit (such as nail-biting or texting while driving), or to reinforce a good one (like eating healthy lunches or exercising)?  If so, how effective was it?  If you haven't tried it, would you consider it?

Leave your reply as a comment, and once everyone has had a chance to respond I will publish a summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Have never tried that.....having said that I'll say she spanks me for anything she desires. Maybe I should suggest it and see if it works. I do need a diet.

WendelJones said...

The misses likes her chocolate and ice cream but too much is not good especially since there is a history of diabetes in her family. I’ll find secret stashes scattered throughout the house that she raids all times of the day. If I catch her I spank her bottom with the paddle. The problem is that she likes a sore bottom just as much as candy and ice cream.

abby said...

Yes, with Master's "help" I have loss over 60 pounds...hugs abby

Baxter said...

My wife and I both need to lose weight so are using spanking as an incentive. I want to lose 26 pounds and so regularly I get 26 whacks with the paddle. She wants to lose 60 and she gets those.

Roz said...

Great question Hermione, not something we have tried either, but I gather it is effective for some.


Simon said...

Absolutely not! Spanking etc. is something I do for fun so it wouldn't work.

Anonymous said...

Spankings in our household are determine by my wife. Yes it could be a habit I need to break, language (I have a pouty mouth as my wife calls it, so soap is part of the punishment) staying out late with my friends, the dreaded spanking is if I my respectful of my mother-in-law. So as my wife said I'm improving spank by spank.

ronnie said...

Yes when I needed to loose weight caning was used and was very effective.


Enzo said...

Great question Hermione -

Yes in the past.
And yes would definitely use this again as probably the easiest to understand ("bridge to use") to sell spanking to non-spankers.


amber said...

It seems to me that the only way that could work is if spanking is disliked.

Otherwise, it would be like what... "If you don't stop chewing gum, I am going to get you some ice cream!"

Provides a subconscious incentive to continue behavior rather than cease it.

amber xx

Eric51Amy49 said...

Going back to school, we've found, has opened the door to many spanking opportunities. Most within play, they do have an edge of seriousness to them as I am trying to achieve a major goal here. We've discovered some negative side effects to poor eating and are using the threat of spanking to ward off that habit. So far so good. A candy or coffee hasn't seemed more important than a blistered bottom.