Sunday, February 12, 2017

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #163

Welcome everyone to our pre-Valentine spanko brunch. The topic for today was proposed last week by Amber, and I think you will find it interesting.

Do you ever deliver or receive a lop-sided spanking, when one cheek receives far more attention than the other? Spankers, do you do it intentionally? If not, how can you avoid it? Spankees, does it bother you or do you accept it as part of the overall experience?

Leave your response as a comment, and once everyone has spoken I will publish a summary of our conversation.
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

I do prefer spankings to be uniform and like to be able to see the effects on both cheeks lol. Rick does too on the whole, however there have been occasions when the spanking has been more lopsided. I think it has been intentional on his part. He also has focused solely on one cheek then switched to the other.


Anonymous said...

Nope. It would drive my husband crazy to give a lopsided spanking.


Simon said...

I don't get lopsided spankings as she makes sure both cheeks receive their due. However when implements are used unless the caner/strapper is careful one cheek, normally the right in this case, can end up bearing the brunt. Even if the punisher can use the implement backhanded it is rarely as severe as the strokes from the forehand.

Baxter said...

my wife tends to spank one cheek and I try to manuever my butt around so both cheeks are getting the attention, but it doesn't always work. Just the fact that my wife is spanking me is a good thing.

abby said...

Master is an engineer and very methodical....both cheeks always get the same treatment. Somethings they alternate spanks, other times He concentrates on one for a certain number, but then the other cheek gets equal treatment. hugs abby

Anonymous said...

abby, my husband is an engineer too that's why it would drive him crazy to give a lopsided spanking.


Anonymous said...

I had some trouble with this when we startedusing longer tools like canes and paddles. All it took was some practice and care with what I was doing and I started giving even spankings. As Amber had said, I do not like seeing lopsided spankings. I do not know how many othersdid this but before we started we went to spanking video sights and used it for research. There were so many inept spankers with the worst been that guy from Real Spankings. All he does is hit as hard as he can and there is only right cheek damage and he keeps saying that it is typical of paddles and canes. With so many videos made and so many ladies spanked, we believed it.Then we saw competent spankers and learned from them. There is no excuse for one cheek spanking. Steve

WendelJones said...

For us the spanking has to look good as well so we make sure that both sides get equal attention.

Anonymous said...

When being spanked I do not make any comment of that sort, my bottom is warm, stinging, enough. If I did and I did only once, my wife insured I would not make a comment again and facing the wall was longer.

amber said...

A wonderful part of spanking to me is how long it lasts.

Of course there is the day/night of it. The excitement, arousal, sting, the crazy monkey love after.

Then there is the next day. Waking up to a soreness, remembering the action, and what probably every spanked girl has ever done, go check in the mirror.

It is the day after that nearly all or all the marks have had a chance to develop.

Each bruise, each line, each mark tells its own story. I love when my boyfriend stands next to me as we admire them.

Even more enjoyable is seeing symmetry. The same "circles" in the same spots on both cheeks from a paddle. The even straight lines of a cane or crop. The same size crimson shapes in the sit spots, and so on and so on.

Truly an original masterpiece of artistry that is unique to each session.

I love that he takes his "job" seriously and does his best to make sure that we are both proud of his artistry. I love that he enjoys giving a spanking as much as I do getting it.

Nine times out of ten it is useless to try to resist our rampant build up of lust and we end up rushing to work.

I love how it feels at work. The even soreness and squirmy feeling and attempt to minimize the latent arousal and urge to check the bathroom mirror every chance I can.

Finally the work day ends and I get home earlier then him and prepare to jump his bones as soon as he gets thru the door.

Oh and I asked him if he had any tips for even coverage and he said the 2 simplest was laying in middle of the bed with bottom propped high on pillows and over a couch back leaned all the way forward with feet well off the floor, and with both positions, just deliver half the spanks facing each side.

amber xx

ronnie said...

There have been occasions when a spanking has been lopsided, like when we first started with the cane. Sometimes P will spanks one cheek for a while but will always switch to the other.