Monday, February 27, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 26

Who bares the spankee's bottom?

Wilma: It all depends on the situation. If I am having a reset, he tells me to strip. If it is a heat of the moment punishment he rips them down, off, flips it up, whatever. If it is a punishment that has to be put off, he tells me to strip like a reset. Regardless of the type of spanking or reason for it, it is always bare, and 90% totally naked.

abby: Depends on the situation. But rarely is a spanking started on a covered bottom, and almost always my clothing is off. We start maintenance weekly maintenance spankings with me naked kneeling, other times, He might help me getting the clothing our of the way.

Subone: I have to take everything from the waist down always. It depends on who is in the house if he waits or takes care of it right then.

Welcome, Subone!

Liza: My husband removes my clothes and it's before the spanking.

Sir Wendel: All spankings are on the bare bottom. I make the misses pull down her pants before the spanking. Its quite a turn on to see her drop them.

arched one: No protection for the bottom, none, nada. I'm told when a spanking is going to take place and told to get ready, which means strip down to my panties. Implements are kept in the bedroom and depending on where she wants to spank me, I'll be told what implements to fetch. Once I'm ready she tells me to take off my panties so she can spank me bare bottom.

Simon: Surely variety is the spice of life. Sometimes I start of naked, sometimes bare from the waist down and sometimes clothed. Sometimes I have to remove my underwear, sometimes she does. Similarly on the rarer occasions that I'm doing the spanking it can change although I will admit there is something especially delightful about sliding down a pair of panties to expose a beautiful bottom.

Stewart: My wife knows how to insure the spanking is effective. She bare my bottom, reminds me naughty little boys need to be reminded who is in charge. She will make fun of my erection, but what is worse I stand there, front room, kitchen, bedroom, she scolds me, makes me wait, lays out the hairbrush. Once over her lap it is pure pain, that hairbrush gets my attention and I can not escape her lap, she has me secure. 

Welcome, Stewart!

Minelle: I think my guy pulls them down for the most part. He'll usually say something such as, "get these off!"

Ronnie: We hardly ever start a spanking on the bare bottom (unless P decides to spank me straight after I come out of the shower) P pulls them down during the spanking.

Hermione: I'm always the one who removes that last bit of protective clothing. I'd enjoy it if Ron would occasionally do the honours but he says it's up to me.

A.J.: Again, I'm late to this discussion.

I LOVE to take her panties off and 'bare the target' when she is otk! The 'unveiling' is so sexy, and the little gasp from her as they are pulled perfect. I love that moment.

Same when the roles are reversed. The nervous anticipation, then her pulling my shorts down/off as the cool air meets bare bottom...and here it comes.

It's so much fun!

The Glenmore: A most enjoyable part of a spanking is the unveiling of the bare bottom. A glorious sight indeed!

Thank you to all of you who bared your souls to answer the question.
From Hermione's Heart

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hermione,

I am the one who bares my own bottom and I am always naked. My spankings are always erotic and fun so no clothes at all for me which makes it easier for make love to my wife afterwards!

Happy Spankings