Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday FAIL

What's the answer? Do I have buns of steel? Does Ron not know his own strength? Or do they just not make rattan the way they used to?

Let me explain. Last week Ron delivered a vigorous paddling with a carpet beater I bought from Cane-iac.

At the end, he examined the implement and said, "It's broken." Sure enough, the rattan had cracked and broken right in the middle. Now, this isn't the first time it has happened, and it isn't our first carpet beater. Our previous one broke in the same place, and I replaced it with a duplicate. I also bought the delrin version.

This beater wouldn't break under any circumstances, and I do not welcome its attention to my bottom at all! In fact, I keep it hidden behind other, less severe paddles.

In order to make the rattan beater operative once more, I got out my craft glue, applied it to the broken ends and the surrounding area, and held it in place for about 15 minutes until the glue dried. It looks pretty good now, and I think with a bit of transparent packing tape over the damaged area, it will hold.

Unless, that is, I really do have buns of steel!

(Both photos from Cane-iac.)
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Hi Hermione, how annoying, you must have buns of steel lol. These look super ouchy and as for the delrin version, no thanks! I think I would have left it broken lol.


kdpierre said...

Maybe you do? I had a 'play partner' like that years ago when I was doing a bit of Topping (yes, you heard me, I was the Top. Go figure. LOL ) And this young lady was truly remarkable. She could take a good smacking and want more and after her butt was all marked, she'd heal up like Wolverine! Maybe you're related? LOL

Anonymous said...

We had one of those. Honestly too painful and not fun.

I think I can rake a pretty good licking, and often crave one with the strap or the cane. Intense, but not severe. The carpet beater we had felt like iron.

- Rosco

Anonymous said...

I just showed this to my wife, no way she said, her hairbrush is very effective, gets the results she is looking for. Trust me, facing the wall, displaying her work, and worse not allowed to rub or else.

ronnie said...

Delrin ouch, wouldn't fancy one of those. I know rattan can crack but strange that this one broke in the same place as your other one.


willie said...

We have had two rattan canes break on me. I was told later that we have to treat them ( I think maybe soak them?) I wonder if the forced heat air here makes them more brittle sooner than other places? Regardless, what a pain (no pun intended) to order something from the US and have it break both times! Lol.

Good luck with your craft project holding. I'll look for it on Pintrest. LOL