Saturday, March 10, 2018

You Completed the Caption

KDPierre: "There was some leather left over when they upholstered the bar, but instead of covering the stools, I made this dress since I figured it would be more fun if you came over and sat on ME. >purrrrrrrr<"

Anon 1: This is the last time I'm going to wear this outfit to a spanking party. I thought when I accepted the invitation to be a designated spankee it would be a good idea to wear something that made me look like a domme so it would scare off some of the men and I could be more discerning about who I played with, but it seems that every man who walks in here has a fantasy about dominating a domme and thinks my pouty look and coochie mama dress are an open invitation to bend me over and warm my fanny. I mean, I love a good spanking as much as the next gal, but my bottom's so sore I can barely sit down already, and ... damn it, a new guy just walked in ... he's talking to the hostess ... now he's looking in my direction ... now he's headed my way ... and oh, shit, he just picked up a hairbrush off the implement table ... well, here I go again.

Amy: If you could only read my mind..."Trying to look sexy, suck it in, can't breathe and pray I don't have to pee anytime soon. Smile. Yes, I have his attention. Hurry up, man. Can't hold this pose much longer!"

Ronnie: The new member of the leather fetish club hadn't quite got the hang of looking relaxed.

Anon 2: Look at them, staring at me. I know what they’re thinking … that I should be embarrassed by my bratty behavior and humiliated that my boyfriend just spanked me like a naught little girl. They’re all wondering what I’m going to do next. They heard me fighting with him, I mean, how could they not. They heard him tell me I look like a trollop in this dress and that he’s tired of me acting like a trollop when we’re out. They saw me slap his face. They saw him throw me over his shoulder and carry me upstairs. They saw him smack my ass and tell me I’d had this coming for a long time. They saw me struggle and protest only to have him smack me again and tell me that if I didn’t settle down he’d be happy to spank me in front of everyone. They saw him carry me into that bedroom and slam the door. Yeah, they all knew what was happening up there … heard every resounding smack and squeal … pictured me draped helplessly over his knee, my dress up, my panties down, my ample posterior framed by my garters and stockings. They imagined me kicking and squirming as he pinned me down and landed one hard swat after another on my bouncing bottom. They enjoyed every second … listening to him paddling the living daylights out of his bitchy girlfriend. And when it was over, they heard him tell me that I’d better be on my best behavior for the rest of the evening … or else. I saw them staring at me when we came back down … they couldn’t take their eyes off my jiggling butt cheeks when I walked into the room. I know they’re all hoping I misbehave and give my boyfriend a reason to spank me again … this time in front of them. So, I’m just going to sit here quietly, hold my head high and prove to everyone that my dignity is still intact … even though my ego is as bruised as my throbbing backside, which my boyfriend has forbidden me to rub. I’m not going to give them the satisfaction of seeing my shame … or seeing me wince as I ease onto this stool despite the fact that my bottom is still on fire thanks to the heat it’s generating by being encased in this tight leather dress. Nope, I’m going to act like a proper lady … I’m not going to pout … I’m just going to slide right up here and … sheeeeeeeeeesh, that really, really smarts … damn it, I’d forgotten how hard that man spanks … owwwwwww, my poor bottom … on second thought, I don’t think I’m going to be able to sit down for quite some time … sooooooo, I think I’ll just sort of … ooooooooh … lean here, kind of nonchalantly, for a while … but I refuse to pout.

Anon 3: Just the thought of the spanking my husband's going to give me when we get home has got my bottom tingling and is making it difficult to sit comfortably.

Sir Wendel: Bare your bottom so you can feel my leather.

Hermione: Come here, young man. Yes, I mean you.  Get yourself over my lap right now and...wait! Let me find a lower chair first.

Felicity never guessed that the reason she was no one's first choice as domme was because the men all slipped off her lap.

Wasn't that fun? And there's more fun coming up at brunch. It's being served in the conservatory in a few hours, so I hope you'll come back. You're always welcome!
From Hermione's Heart

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kdpierre said...

Hermione: your second suggestion with 'Felicity' made me laugh out loud. Clever use of the image and nicely timed wording. Very funny!