Monday, March 19, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 18

Do you have a safeword, and do you use it?

Dan: We do not, unless "ouch, ouch, please stop" counts. And it definitely does not count if "safe" means she stops.

Roz: We did (do) have a safe word, though it's very rarely been used.

abby: I do have a safe word...Master insisted the first time he spanked me. It has not been used, but I have asked to have a spanking stopped because of a cramp or discomfort from the position.

Amy: We have a safe word but I've never used it. We did it because I like the play of fighting a punishment "No stop... etc." but Eric wanted to be sure he knew when I was serious and needed him to stop.

Pete: We began by having a safe word, but I have never used it. The only reason i can recall what it was is that we used her Dad's first name as my safe word. In truth the heat of her dominance at that time is what gets me aroused most.

Bernie: We have a safe word, but never have used it. I feel that putting myself in her control means doing that totally. I have gotten close, but am happy I did not; the encounters were much more memorable and meaningful.

Anon 1: When we started, I insisted she have a safe word.

In the beginning, she used it a number of times (more out of nervousness). In the last 10 years or so, I only remember her using it once (and of course I immediately stopped). Unlike most bloggers, we don't do DD. just because it turns us on (funishment and playful/erotic).

Yorkie: I've never had a safe word and I don't need one. All my spankings are fun/erotic. She gives me sets of 10 at a time. I tell her when to start I tell her when to stop. Simples.

Simon: I don't have a safe word when I'm on the receiving end as I only play with people who I know will stop if I appear to be distressed. If I'm giving the spanking and the recipient likes to have a safe word that's fine although I like to think that I would know if they were at their limit or wanted to stop for any reason.

Anon 2: Safe word, my wife will just laugh at that. Dating she knew a spanking would do me good and it took some time and agreed, spankings have been effective. The only word I use and my wife will allow during a spanking is “Mommy” when she has to spank me I’m no longer her husband, but a naughty little boy and she is no longer the wife but the Mommy. So trust me I use Mommy a lot during the spanking.

Ronnie: Yes we have a safe word and I've used it once.

Lea: I have one, but I have never once used it.

A.J.: Never used one with my spanking partners over the years, mostly because it is isn't needed because we only spank for the sexy fun of it and not 'punishments'. All one of us had to do if it went overboard was to say "Stop!" and get off the lap.

We did/do the color thing, too, and that worked very well.

But what I most loved to hear was her going, "Ummmmmm, yeah. Harder. More...!" And being a gentleman....!

KDPierre: We had one starting out, but never had to use it. Now we just say what the problem is if there is one. ( spontaneous nosebleed, back spasm, etc. )

They are not a bad idea, but a lot depends on the couple and the situation. I would certainly insist on one if it was scene playing with 'strangers'.

Katie: Hi Hermione, :) Yes, I have a safe word. I think that I used it once when I got a cramp in my leg, during a spanking. I trust Rob to no end, still it is always good to have an agreed on word that gives pause to spanking, should something come up.

Hermione: We don't have one, and have never felt the need for one. Ron can tell by the sound of my "Ow!" whether it's just a natural reaction or an actual protest that it hurts too much, and he will adjust accordingly. I've never been in a situation where I felt I needed it to stop. If I ever played with someone else, I would definitely arrange for a safeword.

That was a wonderful response to our topic of the week! Do come back again for another discussion.
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