Sunday, April 14, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #274

It's the weekend, and that means it's time for another friendly discussion. This topic occurred to me as I was dusting our extensive collection of spanking implements.

What is the oldest implement you own, in terms of chronological age? What implement have you had the longest? Are they one and the same, or two different implements? Is either one still in regular use?

Please join the conversation by leaving a comment, and after everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart


WendelJones said...

The first implement we bought was a paddle. Got it from a highway gift shop we stopped at heading to the Smokey Mountains. Says “For best results apply to bare bottom”. I carried it up the mountain trail and when we reached the end of the trail and sure no one was around I took it out and paddled the Misses’ bare bottom as recommended. She said her bottom was so sore it was difficult to pull her pants back up. The paddle did its job and it has been a favorite ever since.

Yorkie69 said...

They’re all the same age - about 8 years old.


Roz said...

I think our oldest implement is a leather paddle, followed by a wooden spoon which is more like a paddle. Probably 8 to 10 years old and neither get much use now days.


Simon said...

My Mistress has a wooden spoon with a skull and crossbones painted on it. She has had it since I met her so it's at least 25 years old and still imparts a hell of a sting. She used to have a crop with a leather head shaped and painted like a cat which she really liked but then, inevitably, she broke it across my bottom. Despite me pointing out that it was at least 15 years old she blamed me and I received quite a thrashing for breaking it.

Devlin O'Neill said...

I call my oldest implement the Erica Belt, because it's the one I used on Erica Scott in the Shadow Lane video "Stand Corrected" fifteen years or so ago. I bought the belt at a department store in Minneapolis in the mid-80s, which was about the time Shadow Lane was coming of age as a spanking publication powerhouse. Three or four years ago, I finally retired the Erica Belt as a fashion accessory and got a new one to adorn my trousers. It, too, I have used to spank girls' bottoms. But the vintage Italian leather holds an honored place, draped over the inside bedroom doorknob, and, on occasion, I will send a naughty young lady, her bottom already bare and warm from a hand spanking, there to fetch it. I have it on good authority that the belt has lost none of its sting over the decades, and my girls look on it with a mixture of fear, yearning, and, I like to think, reverence.

Barrel said...

Our oldest implement we have is a 24”, black riding crop I bought at a tack shop 37 years ago. It was has been employed regularly over the years to the extent that the leather on the business end is fraying. While still in service, my wife prefers the hairbrush or hard plastic paddle over her knee before intimate moments. We seem to have graduated to a heavy strap I built from a luggage shoulder strap and two delrin canes for extended sessions.

Bonnie said...

Our oldest implement is also one of our first. Not long after Randy and I began experimenting with spankings, I shared my wooden sorority paddle. For a while, that paddle and my hairbrush were our only implements. Despite years of vigorous application, that paddle never split and is still in service.

QBuzz said...

A leather belt that I have owned since I was a teenager and therefore has the distinction of having being used on (and by) all of my partners who were into spanking!

ronnie said...

A Christmas paddle was one of the first real implements we had followed by the Rose Leather paddle. We still have both. The rose paddle is still in use, thankfully the Christmas paddle only once a year.