Monday, April 22, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for April 21

What is your experience with outdoor spanking?

Fred Bloggs: Most definitely. There is a walk along a river, not far from home. Just off the path is a farm gate. I have restrained my companion to this gate, bared her bottom and spanked her. I snapped a switch from a bush as an implement. Although the path is public it is realy used and only once were we nearly caught. But that is part of the fun.

Rick: You bet I have, several times in fact!! When a girl is naughty and resorts to dares; well, in such circumstances the location matters little!!

Happy Easter!!

Roz: Yes we have had a few outdoor spankings over the years in different secluded spots. It definitely heightens the excitement with the risk of being caught.

Willie: Happy Easter! (Unfortunately if we were to hide eggs here outside this weekend they'd require some sort of flotation device).

I can't say I have been spanked in the open outdoors. I have been spanked in a tent a couple of times. LOL.

Barrel: Yes, while on a hike in Northeastern Arizona. I cut a switch from a willow tree and asked to be spanked. My wife whipped me hard, leaving nice welts. When she was finished, I leaned the switch up against a sturdy tree as we left to continue our hike. We returned a year later and took the same hike, and sure enough, the switch was still there. It was brittle and we couldn’t repeat the prior years whipping, but what fond memories it brought back.

Great topic. Thanks and Happy Easter!

Amy: Eric and I love the outdoors and everything that we do inside, takes on a magical thrill to it when done outdoors. I've been smacked hiking up a trail or walking down the sidewalk; quick little reminders or a sexy indication that he wants to play. Got the belt up against a wood pile many years ago - probably a huge fantasy from a decade of watching Little House on the Prairie. We want more. Someday, when the man quits traveling so much.

Yorkie: If it was up to me only, I’d make sure I was spanked ANYWHERE I could be!

Hermione: The only safe place for an outdoor spanking at home is our garden shed, and it's currently partially under water. There is a place that I think would be perfect for that activity, although we haven't tried it yet. It's a lovely wooded hill, about 30 minutes' drive away, that overlooks a picturesque village. We have often gone there to admire the fall colours. There are trails through the woods and plenty of fallen trees for a quick spanking, as well as the picnic tables in the clearing at the top. Maybe someday!

Happy Easter and Joyous Passover!
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Sorry to be late sharing here.

I’ve been spanked outside many times, but usually it’s been all to quick.

Irene and I did have one extended adventure rafting in the Grand Canyon. In an area without big rapids, we lollygagged and let the other boats float ahead. The rubber tubes make a pretty comfortable place to lie with one’s naked bottom exposed.

The sound spanking, as usual, was followed by cunnlingus and then intercourse. I don’t mean to make it sound mundane, cuz it wasn’t and never is.

As far as we know, only the Canyon walls heard.

- Rosco

Anonymous said...

I too am late as we were out of town.
As to being spanked out of doors it has happened many times.
The most memorable is perhaps last summer we were visiting
friends at their summer home. My wife became annoyed at me
for getting our host drunk, which infuriated his wife. Wife and
I went for a walk in the woods and at one point she took a branch
from a bush and then delivered 50 blows to my very bare butt.
When she was done she grabbed my shorts and I had to return
to our guests home naked and with a very bruised bottom.
Needless to say i was the talk of the weekend.
Out of that experience wife and I met a couple who were also
guests and shared our interest in solving problems with a