Monday, April 8, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for April 7

Do you ever test your limits?

Barrel: LOL, great and timely question as my wife and I are planning a session today or tomorrow that will push our limits. Our limits are primarily hers as she backs off sooner than I am at my limit due to my moaning. We have discussed and agreed I want to go deeper and she wants to help us go there.

Obviously communication is one key. The second is her recognizing the cleansing and relief I get after being severely thrashed. Finally, she is growing in her enjoyment of the actual strapping and caning. I am looking forward to broader limits.

Yorkie: I am always wanting to push limits but mine are way higher than my wife’s so I don’t think I will ever get close to my limit. Having said that, we played last weekend for the first time in about six or seven months and I have to admit, I had tears in my eyes and thought seriously about calling it off at times but I stuck it out and ended up doing what I always do - calling time to save my wife from getting bored.

I’d say that was the hardest spanking I’ve ever had only because it was a while between drinks and my pain tolerance was down a bit (I think). I had marks and redness but no bruising and they didn’t last a day either but surprise surprise, I want another one just like it.

Roz: This is a great question Hermione. I can't say we have tested the limits as such and since we haven't practised ttwd for so long now I think any spanking action would be more a gentle re-start.

Rosco: Yes, in a couple of ways.

We’ve tried numerous implements and presently have 5 or 6 on hand. The carpet beater was too much, as were some of the switches I’ve cut from time to time.

As for longevity, a lovemaking session usually involves 2 or 3 spankings spread out over half hour or so. But sometimes I crave more and feel she’s in the mood to dish it out as well. So I’ll act out a bit - it’s as easy as telling her I don’t deserve to be spanked.

I feel like I could be spanked forever- I just love that edge of pain and pleasure. But my bottom is tender for the proverbial week after, which is not always so sexy.

Bonnie: My first thought was, no, our spankings today are nowhere near the intensity of those we enjoyed two or three decades ago. With aging and the passage of time, it doesn't require as much to get us where we need to be.

On the other hand, limits can be fluid. We can discover limits today that might have constituted a routine spanking in years past. It's an ongoing negotiation between loving partners who know each other well. May it always be so.

Anon: Mine are punishment spankings and so she has tested the limit when I've messed up and knows when to stop. I wish for it to stop sooner, but I'm not the one doing the spanking.

Hermione: Once in a while, Ron will use one of the nasty implements, and I have to admit, I make my displeasure known. There are a few, made of delrin, that are really too much, no matter how numb my bottom is from other implements.

Thank you for your frankness on this subject!
From Hermione's Heart


ronnie said...

P's tested my limits with the different lengths and different thickness of canes. Don't think I like the very thick ones.


Chastehubby said...

Great blog. We (my wife/keyholder) enjoy reading blogs from other couples. We live a male chastity/flr/dd lifestyle. I am caged 24/7 and Mi Amor is in charge. Please feel free to read our blog too!