Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Hilda's Letter

The lovely Hilda has returned home after her freshman year at college, and is writing a letter to her roommate. Here is page one:
Hi Carol,

Boy, it seems like forever since we said good-bye for the summer. It's great to be home again. I sure missed Mom, Dad, my cat Samson and my high school pals, but you know, it's kinda funny. In just two weeks I have gone from being a grownup to being a little girl in her parents' home.

Last week at dinner I said "shit" when I dropped some mashed potatoes onto the table, and Dad told me in no uncertain terms that while I was under his roof, I had to obey the house rules, and one rule was no swearing. I disagreed with him, and five minutes after dinner was over I found myself in Dad's study, bent over his big oak desk, jeans down around my ankles, getting 10 swats across my panties with his special wooden ruler. (Dad always lets me keep my panties on for a spanking, 'cause it wouldn't be decent to show him my bare bum. Not Mom, though. She always pulls down my panties when I'm over her knee for a hairbrush spanking. But that doesn't happen often. She usually leaves the discipline to Dad.)

Naturally I apologized, but inside I was seething. I am old to be spanked, and I was determined that it wouldn't happen again. When I had the house to myself I pulled open the desk drawer where Dad kept the ruler and hid that awful thing where no one would ever think of looking. I figured that if the ruler was missing, then spankings would be postponed, and I would be back at college before anyone found it.

Last night I went out with some friends and came in just a tiny bit later than my curfew. Okay, maybe I was a half hour late, but it was Friday night! I didn't think anyone noticed, but the next morning after breakfast Dad called me into his study. He gave me a lecture about responsibility, watching the time, yadda yadda, then he pulled open the middle drawer of his desk. Natch, the ruler wasn't there. I tried to look innocent and said I hadn't seen it and maybe Mom borrowed it, but I wasn't very convincing. Dad took me by the arm, opened the study door, and said to be back in five minutes, either with the ruler or Mom's hairbrush. He pushed me out and slammed the door.

Okay, that didn't go so well. Now I had three choices:

1. Come back with the ruler. Dad would know for sure I had lied and I would get a lot more than the usual 10 swats.

2. Come back with the horrible hairbrush that I hated even more than the ruler. So much for avoiding a spanking!

3. Come back empty-handed and say I couldn't find the ruler and didn't see Mom's hairbrush on her dressing table. Trouble is, that was a lie too. Could I say it convincingly enough?

But maybe there was another option. I had to think fast, and here's what I decided to do.
What did Hilda do? There are so many possibilities I just can't decide. I'll let you write page two and tell Carol (and us) what happened next. Finish the letter any way you like and leave it as a comment below. I'll publish your endings on Saturday, so you have lots of time to consider the possibilities.

I'll be watching for the mail carrier!
From Hermione's Heart


kdpierre said...

Dear Carol, Silly me! I ran all these horrid options through my head until I was in a frazzled state. I couldn't calm down and went to my 'stash' for a Xanax when I saw those 'roofies' I got from Dave at the last frat party and I knew exactly what to do! Suffice it to say that Mom and Dad's coffee packed a little extra punch this morning. When they awoke Mom was gagged and bound nicely to her favorite chair with my remote vibrating 'egg' inserted in her hoo-hoo. Dad on the other hand was also gagged and tied over his own desk.....pants down of course, and his bottom arched up quite vulnerably. When they finally awoke, their eyes were wide in shock.

I will fill you in on the details when I get back to the university, but let's just say that once I had my parents' attention, I turned up the egg vibrator to its highest setting and let Mom watch as I tapped that nasty ruler against my palm and told my Dad, "English Lit is not the only fucking shit I learned while I was away at college, Dad, as you are about to find out!"

As to how it all concluded? Well, after having a mindblowing O watching my Dad's butt get striped with welts, my Mom decided that her hairbrush is probably way more suited to my Dad than me, and that going forward SHE would maybe finally correct some of my Dad's bad habits that have been driving her crazy these past years. As for Dad? Well, before I left, he gave me his keep. No more curfews. No more nonsense about language.

Yours in mischief, Hilda

kdpierre said...

Hermione: LOL, I had pictured another outcome that was WAY darker than the one I sent. Without going into details, the one I didn't send, contained not only the missing ruler but an over-sized strap-on dildo, a stolen 9mm from a dead heroin dealer, and a LOT of blood. LOL I'll save it for Halloween. LOL

WendelJones said...

Hilda quickly came up with a plan. She went to the kitchen and grabbed hold of a medium sized wooden spoon from the utensil drawer. Hilda was going to tell her dad that she could not find the ruler or the brush and would offer the wooden spoon as a substitute. She looked over the spoon and measured it on her bottom to ensure her that it would not be too harsh. Hilda hoped he would except her choice of implement and start the spanking. It would be over quickly and not to painful.
Hilda’s dad took the spoon and pulled her across his lap. He pulled her skirt up gave her a whack on the bottom and she cried out. The spoon landed on her bottom again and again. Spank! Whack! Spank! Hilda was in tears. It hurt but nowhere near as bad as the ruler or brush.
Spank! Smack! Spank! Hilda’s mom came into the room after hearing all of the ruckus. She screamed out: “Why are you spanking her with my good salad spoon? “ Her dad told her that Hilda needed to be spanked and that the rule and hair brush were missing.
“WHAT? My brush is on my dresser where it always is and I found your ruler behind the couch.” Mom stormed out and to her room. Hilda knew is jig was up. When her mom returned she was holding the ruler and her hair brush. She gave him the ruler.
Hilda’s dad was furious. He knew she was lying and started a new round of spanking with the ruler. When he was done spanking her Hilda’s mom took hold of her arm and pulled Hilda across her lap. Mom took Hilda’s skirt up and then pulled her panties down. Hilda’s already red bottom was exposed and then her mom gave her smack of the brush on the bottom. WHACK! SPANK! SPANK! Hilda cried out as each whack landed.
When it was over Hilda stood up and carefully pulled up her panties. Her bottom was burning and bright red. It was painful to have the panties on. She went to her room and stared at her sore bottom in the mirror.