Sunday, August 18, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #292

The week has flown by, and it's time to gather together and talk about one aspect of spanking.

Do you (or does your partner) examine the results of a spanking in a mirror? If so, do you notice any specific marks or coloration depending on which implement was used? Do some implements leave more "results" than others? If you never look, why not? 

Please leave your response as a comment below, and I'll publish an edited summary of our conversation on Monday.

From Hermione's Heart


WendelJones said...

We always check out each other’s handy work (except when we’re out on a hike – no mirror). I like the after effects of the paddle the most. Probably because it covers the most area.

Bonnie said...

Yes, I often assess the damage in a mirror. Usually, in the immediate aftermath, I observe two oval-shaped crimson blushes, one on lower slopes of each punished cheek. Sometimes, there is red coloration on my extreme upper thighs if Randy's attention strayed down there.

Canes can leave distinctive horizontal stripes. Heavy paddles can leave dark bullseye bruises. Hairbrushes and bath brushes sometimes create deep red marks similar in shape to the head of the implement. Most frequently, though, I see a fairly uniform reddish color that fades much too quickly.

Yorkie69 said...

Always! I love, LOVE, seeing her precise cane marks. She really is an artist.


Roz said...

Great question Hermione. Yes, we both definitely look at marks after a spanking and yes, I have noticed specific implements leave certain marks. The leather paddle leaves different marks to the wooden spoon. I think the spoon used to leave the most impressive marks lol


Fred said...

I have always been obsessed by the marks a spanking makes. I love being marked, and I love looking at them.
Back in the day I would use a mirror, I have also set up multiple mirrors so I can see my bottom being spanked.
But we are now in the twenty first century and mirrors are so last century. GoPro and Cellphones are the way forward.
I always photograph my marked bottom. I especially like the double tram lines a cane leaves.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this applies, but I'm erect prior to a spanking, my wife insures me it will be gone once the spanking starts. Sometimes, not always she has me face the full length mirror in the bedroom showing how limp I've become. I have seen my bottom after a spanking and it is very red, warm, not bruised, but sitting is a major problem.

Barrel said...

I looked yesterday after being spanked on Friday with the hard rubber paddle. As one face of that paddle is slightly textured, it did leave a few marks but not as bad as in the past because I only got 50 strokes OTK. Every toy we have leaves its own, distinct pattern. But I enjoy the lasting marks of her thin delrin cane and wear them as a badge of honor.

Baxter said...

Sometimes yes. After a spanking a few years ago, I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror and saw a very red bottom and that made me happy. Yesterday, after my wife spanked me with the riding crop, I looked in the mirror and saw lots of lines on a hot red bottom. Nice. I look at a lot of spanked ass on Google images and want mine to look like some of those.

Spankedhortic II said...

Yes I always look and often return several times over a period of a few hours, to watch the marks fade. Cane stripes are always the marks that I find most pleasing but the wide red marks from a good strapping or belting are also easy on the eye.


Anonymous said...

Sure! For me, more like hours later, but more the day after to see if the redness has gone or to see if any bruising is starting to appear. Don't want that when I'm at my workout club!

While I could easily see her red tush, and she could see mine, it's not that easy to have a mirror handy, in the right place, to see your own and be twisting every which direction (not sexy at all) trying get a good look. Just not practical.

So the solution? The camera on the iPhone!! A couple clicks and there you are, without the contortions! We could both see the results of our handiwork!

Important note:
1. Once you have seen the "damage" - delete that photo! Accidents happen.
2. Once it is deleted, understand "It's NOT!"
Find the "Recently Deleted" file and delete it there, too.
3. Then go to the cloud and make sure it's not there either.


Anonymous said...

When I am spanked, my wife insists that i look in the mirror. She sometimes orders me to run my fingers over the belt welts
or can markings.Other times after a spanking she slowly applies salve to the wounds gently and whispers softly. I always
become arroused by that.
The day after a session to have her out of the blue tell me to drop trousers and display my bruises. to her.

very intense


QBuzz said...

I always do and am always a little disappointed how it doesn't look as red as it feels... though my partner always says it looks plenty red to her!

Xena said...

Absolutely... every time.

Sometimes I’m disappointed and there’s not too much there... just a bit pink. Sometimes a darker red that fades into green and yellow bruises the next few days. That might be from the clothes brush? When he uses his hand (hard), I end up wire little clusters if tiny red blisters... especially if he used his hand wearing the ring. And right now I have dark blue speckled bruises from I assume the aluminum paddle.

ronnie said...

Oh yes I often look int the mirror after a spanking. (I did this only last week after P spanked me). Sometimes P will check later. Specific implements leave certain marks. For me, I love to see the marks the cane makes.