Monday, August 12, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 11

Have you developed a tolerance for harder spankings over time?

PB: When we began a little over five years ago, we had agreed every friday 6 p.m. i would wait naked in the bedroom nose in corner of the room and hands locked behind back. When my wife entered the room, she would sit in a chair near the window. I would go to her and kneel before her and confess my wrongdoings. Things like lying bout anything, not finishing chores, etc. then i would kneel over the foot of the bed and she would spank me with a hair brush. At the start, usually 100 swats. My ass cheeks would be sore
and after i would return to corner and stand until called down to dinner.

About two years into this she added a spanking after dinner. In time we moved up from brush to belt, and the number of swats grew.

Last year she added a saturday morning session now with either belt or a caning. Usually on saturday half way through the session i would break into tears.

Four weeks ago in addition to the friday evening, saturday morning she has added a sunday evening before bed to remind me to behave during the week. Last sunday evening for the very first time after a caning and the belt i became aroused and when she picked up the brush after the second swat i came without touching my penis. i shot cum on the comforter and was then sent to launder it at once. When i finally crawled into bed sore and exhausted i serviced her with my tongue .

Do i hate this all YES!!!! Do i want it to stop ? NO!!!!!!!

Twisted but happy!

WBuzz: Definitely, I pretty much don't have a limit for hand-spankings these days. Implements still make me feel it though!

And my partner seems to be getting less tough the more she gets spanked - although that doesn't get her out of it :D

Anon 1: No question about it. Based upon what I am able to bear today my spankings of a few years ago barely qualify as a warmup.
Beside my ability to endure much more severe spankings, my wife has also adapted and has become less reticent to deliver longer and more forceful spankings,

Where once a typical spanking might deliver a rosy color to my cheeks it is much more common for today's spankings to turn my ass a BRIGHT GLOWING RED which will last for a day or two.

All in all over the last few years our sessions have become longer , more intense and above all more satisfying for the both of us.

Xena Warrior Brat: I don’t think my bottom has really toughened... but I have become more comfortable with my masochistic aspects, and so I do find I need more pain than I used to, and more often.

Roz: The timing of this question is perfect for me Hermione. I was spanked for the first time in forever last night! (Apparently the mood suddenly just came over Rick lol). He did go easy, knowing it had been so long and it was more of the sexy, fun kind of spanking. He did at one comment "I used to give you some good beatings" lol, to which I said "I like to think so"!

Over the years I have definitely found that tolerance changes and that my tolerance is higher with more regular spankings and much lower if it's been a while. Rick also commented on me being out of practice.

Simon: I was spanked for the first time as an adult over 40 years ago. At that time a good spanking and perhaps a slippering was about as much as I could bear. Gradually over time implements such as hairbrushes, paddles, straps, canes and whips have been used so I think it is fair to say my tolerance has increased although what I still love most is a sensual but not necessarily gentle spanking and beating.

Yorkie: I would say definitely, yes. However, spankings are few and far between these days so my next spanking (hopefully more than one!) will take place in a few weeks as it’s our wedding anniversary and we are escaping for a few days and I might not tolerate my usual beating. Perhaps...

Anon 2: At one time I was not showing any signs that the spanking was hurting, one time is the key word. My wife did not take long to correct that. Today, it is the waiting that I dread, and the wooden hairbrush that she purchased.

Prefectdt: If by 'tolerance' you mean that the same level of spanking produces a lower pain level, then I would have to say no, it still hurts as much as it used to. But if you mean my ability to control myself and take a harder or more lengthy spanking, then yes I do have a greater tolerance. I do find that my ability to tolerate a harder spanking decreases with the more time I have between getting spanked. After, for example, a three month break, I have to start concentrating on my self control much more than after a two week break.

Red: A definite YES. I know that a hand spanking, even from a strong hand, has little effect. The wooden hair brush used to be extremely effective, but lessened as time went on. The first time with the Vermont Country bath brush was frightful, but over time, it has lessened in it's effectiveness, but is still really effective. It just takes many more spanks. The tawse now is effective every time it is used, but it is the newest implement along with the cane. Cindy is gradually using the cane stronger, as she becomes comfortable with it, so it is very effective, and will remain so for a very long time.

Barrel: I agree with Perfectdt, my beatings remain quite painful. I definitely don’t think my tush has toughened or calloused from our play. I think the more frequent the sessions, the better I do in letting the pain in, and welcoming it. However, over the 40 years she has spanked me, I have learned to control my response by deep breathing and trying to relax. But the hard rubber paddle and cane still hurt like hell.

Dan: For a long time, that was the pattern -- a spanking that seemed very hard when we first started now would seem like a "warm up." But, that seems to have changed over the last year or two. Spankings just seem to hurt more now, particularly with wooden paddles. It's possible that she is just swatting harder, and I have no other explanation for it.

Rosco: I’m not sure. Initially I was thrilled that Irene was willing to spank me, and ecstatic that she quickly grew to like it. At some point over 39 years we gave up paddles and hairbrushes, using leather straps or a riding crop instead - all except when one of us finds a good switch along a trail or somewhere.

There are times when I want a spanking to go on forever, or for Irene to stop for a bit then start anew after a short break. It’s never been too much at time, except on the rare occasion when she gets my testicles or the far hipbone by mistake. I’ve never had a spanking last too long.

But the long spankings don’t go away for days. It’s not really fun to have trouble sitting still 48 hours later.

Hermione: Yes, definitely. I can take a lot more now than when we started. Implements that I couldn't tolerate - like wooden hair and bath brushes - are now acceptable. On the flip side, a small leather paddle that we thought was ineffective has now proved to be a real stinger as Ron has learned to weild it effectively.

Thank you all for sharing your experiences. See you next week!
From Hermione's Heart


ronnie said...

Yes my tolerance is a lot higher than it used to be. Hand spankings (even though I'd say P spanks harder with his hand than he used to) I can take more of it, but the wooden paddle is still very effective.


Kanga said...

Yes, very much so!! And, the same applies in the opposite. If it's been a while between spankings, I seem to revert to a soft skinned Newbie - lol!!
Hand spankings can last for ages and are lovely to experience. Bring in a hairbrush or thick wooden spoon and I'm writhing and begging for mercy pretty quickly!
Kanga Jo