Thursday, August 29, 2019

Page Two of Hilda's Letter by KDPierre

Last week I showed you the first page of a letter from Hilda to her college roommate. Hilda was in for a spanking, but had hidden the spanking ruler. Her dad told her to bring back either the ruler or her mom's hairbrush. What did Hilda do? Here is KDPierre's version of page two.
Silly me! I ran all these horrid options through my head until I was in a frazzled state. I couldn't calm down and went to my 'stash' for a Xanax when I saw those 'roofies' I got from Dave at the last frat party and I knew exactly what to do! Suffice it to say that Mom and Dad's coffee packed a little extra punch this morning. When they awoke Mom was gagged and bound nicely to her favorite chair with my remote vibrating 'egg' inserted in her hoo-hoo. Dad on the other hand was also gagged and tied over his own desk...pants down of course, and his bottom arched up quite vulnerably. When they finally awoke, their eyes were wide in shock.

I will fill you in on the details when I get back to the university, but let's just say that once I had my parents' attention, I turned up the egg vibrator to its highest setting and let Mom watch as I tapped that nasty ruler against my palm and told my Dad, "English Lit is not the only fucking shit I learned while I was away at college, Dad, as you are about to find out!"

As to how it all concluded? Well, after having a mindblowing O watching my Dad's butt get striped with welts, my Mom decided that her hairbrush is probably way more suited to my Dad than me, and that going forward SHE would maybe finally correct some of my Dad's bad habits that have been driving her crazy these past years. As for Dad? Well, before I left, he gave me his keep. No more curfews. No more nonsense about language.

Yours in mischief, Hilda
That's a side of Hilda I've never seen before!

If you would like to reread page one or write your own page two, hop over here.
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kdpierre said...

Thanks for featuring my alternate view so prominently! As I stated to you I truly love "Hilda" as she is usually portrayed: curvy, somewhat provocative, yet all in a cute, somewhat innocent and even semi-clueless way. She's just so adorable you want to pinch both sets of cheeks. But the idea of having left the farm for college and what she may have picked up in a modern, crazy world, enticed me to imagine a darker side to Hilda, and it gave me the perfect rationale to turn a M/f story into a F/m one!

(I double-dare you to post the "other" one at some point! ;-) Only don't blame me if it scares off your readers if you do. LOL )

Hermione said...

KDPierre - I'm afraid your "other" version scared me!


Roz said...

Wow, what a wonderful, and fun alternative ending, and wonderfully written. Thank you KDPierre and Hermoine:)