Sunday, August 4, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #290

Welcome, dear friends, to our weekly brunch. I'm so glad you could join us today. Recently I received an email from regular reader Barrel about my What did they see? post. Here's what he wrote:
I think that which we share in your blog every week is helping us, ever closer, to being “out”. And if not completely “out”, maybe more comfortable if someone were to find out, as the firefighters may have, how comfortable or confident are we with others knowing?
What do you think?

Have you become even slightly more comfortable about revealing your enjoyment of spanking to others as a result of being able to "talk" about it via blogs?

I'd love to hear your response, so please leave it as a comment. You may remain anonymous. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I'll publish an edited summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Knowing others are spanked, especially males, does make it easier. In my case, spankings are punishment, something I know I need, and something my wife truly believes in. A neighbor down the street I did not know was spanked, only found out when he asked if I had trouble sitting and told him. He then opened up and so not always will share a spanked by our wives. It seems the women know more than the men, found this from church, worked hard not to squirm, and after church some women will smile at me, or some will tell my wife, wish I could. As mentioned in previous post if seen by others facing the wall after a spanking I must say "Mommy" spanked me, or the few times that I have been seen getting a spanking I have learned to take it and not say anything, know for a fact the spanking will be worse. So yes it is easier to an extent to talk about it, admit. I just wish my wife would not smile so much when I admit I'm spanked. Jack

WendelJones said...

Not really. It is between the Misses and myself.

Roz said...

This is a great question. Spanking has always been just between us. I don't know I would ever really be comfortable sharing with others.


Yorkie69 said...

Maybe a tiny bit but I doubt we'll ever out ourselves intentionally.


Simon said...

Having had bad experiences in the past I'm very careful who I Tell about my passion for spanking and being spanked. That is why I enjoy blogs and Twitter because it enables me to join in with other likeminded people. I know I'm very unlikely to met most of them although I have met a couple of bloggers and Twitter users and been delighted to find that they are just as pleasant in real life as I imagined from reading their stuff.

Spankedhortic II said...

I have to admit that this question freaked me out a bit, when I read it, as it closely related to a phone call, that I made only last week. I discovered that someone that use to be my uncle (until he and my auntie divorced) had died. I then phoned my cousin, to express my condolences. My cousin and I where both born in the same year and spent much time together, as children, even going on holiday together and we used to be very good friends. I came out, as a spanko, to my family, friends and work colleges in 2014 but still find that I have to keep coming out as I meet people who do not know about me. My cousin turned out to be one of these people. As we chatted (for the first time in years) the conversation turned to relationships and it went something like this.
Me- I am a spanko, you know
Him- No what's that
Me- A corporal punishment role player
Him- Still no idea
Me- Well you know what BDSM is
Him- Not a clue
Me- You're kidding me!
At this point I realised that I could not explain it to him over the phone. I then told him the name of my blog and asked him to Google it and have a look at that. In hopes that that would help him understand what kind of life I lead. He did Whatsapp me back later and said that the blog looks fun.
In this way the blog has helped me to come out a bit more than I was before. I hope that my cousin is OK with it all. His opinion matters to me.


kdpierre said...

Rosa and I are nearly totally open, but the decision was made due to our life philosophies and had nothing to do with having or reading a blog. It's actually the reverse.....being open in real life led to revealing things in my blog, not the other way around.

And...ironically, after having been 'open' with my blog for years, I am now going to make the blog private. We'll still be open in real life though!

Unknown said...

I am very open to meeting other spanking couples socially. It is irrelevant whether the man is spanked or the woman, or both.

With TTWD bloggers, you can tell quite a bit about how nice and friendly people are by what they write, and comments they leave around the TTWD blog world.

Meeting would not involve spanking, simply a comfort level that you can talk (including talking about spanking) and share good times, avoiding all politics and religion.

I am a dreamer, so I still hope to meet Hermione and Ron someday in the future, besides other couples.

One last point is that many of us somewhat exaggerate the level of a spanking given, and that might be offsetting for some. However, bottoms toughen by being spanked, so what a strong spanking was fifteen years ago, is inconsequential now. (That has been my experience).

bottoms up

Sara's Hank said...

The big reveal came last holiday season when my son ( 24 ) shared with me that
his wife was spanking him. He then asked did mom spank me . We both laughed
and the ice was broken.