Friday, August 30, 2019

Page Two of Hilda's Letter by Wendel Jones

Last week I showed you the first page of a letter from Hilda to her college roommate. Hilda was in for a spanking, but had hidden the spanking ruler. Her dad told her to bring back either the ruler or her mom's hairbrush. What did Hilda do? Here is Wendel Jones's continuation of the tale.
Hilda quickly came up with a plan. She went to the kitchen and grabbed hold of a medium sized wooden spoon from the utensil drawer. Hilda was going to tell her dad that she could not find the ruler or the brush and would offer the wooden spoon as a substitute. She looked over the spoon and measured it on her bottom to ensure her that it would not be too harsh. Hilda hoped he would except her choice of implement and start the spanking. It would be over quickly and not to painful.

Hilda’s dad took the spoon and pulled her across his lap. He pulled her skirt up gave her a whack on the bottom and she cried out. The spoon landed on her bottom again and again. Spank! Whack! Spank! Hilda was in tears. It hurt but nowhere near as bad as the ruler or brush.

Spank! Smack! Spank! Hilda’s mom came into the room after hearing all of the ruckus. She screamed out: “Why are you spanking her with my good salad spoon?“ Her dad told her that Hilda needed to be spanked and that the rule and hair brush were missing.

“WHAT? My brush is on my dresser where it always is and I found your ruler behind the couch.” Mom stormed out and to her room. Hilda knew is jig was up. When her mom returned she was holding the ruler and her hair brush. She gave him the ruler.

Hilda’s dad was furious. He knew she was lying and started a new round of spanking with the ruler. When he was done spanking her Hilda’s mom took hold of her arm and pulled Hilda across her lap. Mom took Hilda’s skirt up and then pulled her panties down. Hilda’s already red bottom was exposed and then her mom gave her smack of the brush on the bottom. WHACK! SPANK! SPANK! Hilda cried out as each whack landed.

When it was over Hilda stood up and carefully pulled up her panties. Her bottom was burning and bright red. It was painful to have the panties on. She went to her room and stared at her sore bottom in the mirror.

Ouch! Poor Hilda.

If you would like to reread page one or write your own page two, hop over here.
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Roz said...

Ooh ouch, I guess Hilda learned a painful lesson about lying. Thank you Wendel and Hermoine. A great ending:)