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From the Top Shelf - Adorable Little Amy

Today’s story is from Rollin Hand's blog where it was reprinted from the ebook Willow Wood Estate by Madeline Smythe, and it involves age play. In age-play scenarios, someone is reduced to child-like status. This may include the wearing of juvenile clothing, living in a nursery, a forced hygiene regimen, and of course, spankings.  I'm not a fan of age play, but the spanking in this story makes it worth reading.

To set the stage, our protagonist Amy has taken up employment with Athena, a rich and powerful woman, to catalog the holdings of a remote country estate Athena has inherited. In the course of her employment Amy has observed some odd behaviors at Willow Wood estate and her curiosity is about to get her in over her head.
As the car approached, Amy could see that there was a driver and a passenger. It pulled up in the long circular driveway and came to a stop by the door. A tall and rather solid looking red haired woman wearing what appeared to be a chauffeur’s uniform emerged from the driver’s seat. She opened the passenger door and Athena got out. The chauffer handled various shopping bags and followed behind Athena as she strode through the front door. Amy had scurried back to the library. Although curious, she wanted to be seen as working when Athena arrived. She was not so confident of their relationship that she should assume special treatment. Athena was still her employer. And lately she’d fallen behind, too enthralled with Calvin’s erotica collection to be very efficient.

But Athena paused and saw her through the open library door.

“Amy, please come and meet Paulette.” The redhead tilted her head and smiled as if amused by the look on Amy’s face which was obviously a reaction to Paulette’s odd attire.

“Paulette is a special friend of mine. She is here for the gathering tomorrow.” When Athena saw Amy’s confused look she added, “Oh, didn’t I tell you? Some friends of mine are gathering here in a few days for an event. It is an annual convocation. And, I want you to be included. Here, I bought you something special to wear for the first evening of the convocation, a dinner party.” Athena handed her a box.

Amy gulped. “For me? I didn’t know about a party. Why?”

Athena put her palm on Amy’s face and looked into her eyes. “Because, my sweet girl, I want to show you off.”

“Thank you, Athena,” said Amy. Then a part of her wondered—what kind of event would this be exactly? The strangeness was becoming more and more apparent. First, there was Athena and her students. Then Calvin. Then Witch Hollow and the willows. Now here was Paulette, a voluptuous woman in an odd role.

Athena smiled like an indulgent aunt. “Now, go try it on. I want to see you.”

Amy smiled, enthused now that she’d been given a present. “All right,” she said brightly, and proceeded to go change.

“We’ll be in my studio,” Athena called after her.

In her room, Amy opened the box. Inside was what appeared to be a white frock with blue piping. Her eyes widened in disbelief. It was some sort of little girl’s frock. It was almost like a sailor suit, with puffy sleeves and a wide blue trimmed collar. She sighed and put it on. The skirt was short, really short. There were also black shoes and white ankle socks. She looked at herself in the mirror. The outfit made her look like she was twelve. She couldn’t wear this ridiculous thing. Still, Athena had given it to her. She decided to confront her about it.

Athena stood by the window explaining something to Paulette. It was so strange. Paulette wore a coat and black trousers, almost like a man’s. She also wore a little cap, just like a chauffeur. But the figure inside the trousers did not belong to any man. She had on a white shirt, too, and her rather full breasts left no doubt as to the gender of the red haired “chauffeur”. They spoke casually to each other. It was as if she were merely playing the role of a servant of some type; she seemed more like a friend to Athena than an employee.

Amy strode purposefully into the room and stopped in the middle to address Athena. “I can’t wear this! I look ridiculous.” Paulette smiled and raised her eyebrows as Athena turned. She looked Amy up and down, appraising her.

“You like absolutely perfect, Amy. Wouldn’t you say so Paulette?”

“Why yes, I would. Who is she, your teenage niece?” Paulette stifled a chuckle.

Amy pursed her lips and frowned at Paulette. “I’m not wearing this to your….your party. It’s embarrassing.”

“Amy, let’s not be petulant, dear. You are so very cute and adorable. They’re going to fawn all over you, won’t they Paulette?”

Paulette nodded. “Very cute,” she said.

“I don’t care,” said Amy. She stamped her foot without realizing that that probably made her look like a child throwing a tantrum. “I’m not wearing it!”

Athena scrunched her lips. “I see. Amy, do you know Paulette’s role with my friends?” Amy shook her head. “Paulette is very special. You see, she is the sergeant-at-arms for my little club. She is very skilled at what she does.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” asked a frustrated Amy.

“Only this, Amy. If you continue to behave like a petulant child I may have Paulette demonstrate her considerable skill for your benefit,” said Athena smoothly.

Paulette smiled broadly, as if she would like nothing better. She took off her jacket. She put her cap on top of it. When the cap came off, she shook her long mane of flowing red hair. Amy gulped, suddenly intimidated. Paulette was taller than her by at least six inches and outweighed her by forty pounds. But why should that matter?

“I can’t wear this,” Amy persisted. “I’m not a child. But it makes me look like one.”

“Are you so determined to disobey me, Amy?” Athena turned to Paulette and what she said shocked Amy to her core.

 “Spank her soundly and put her on display in the corner. I’ll be back in few minutes.”

Amy couldn’t believe her ears. The shock of that casual statement sent a cold chill up Amy’s spine. She looked at Paulette whose lips were curled up in a thin smile. “What? Athena?” But Athena had left, shutting the door behind her.

“You heard Aunty Athena,” said Paulette, grinning broadly as she approached the girl.

Amy was frozen to the spot. This was not happening. It all came on so swiftly. The next thing she knew, Paulette had grasped her wrist and was pulling her along, headed for an armless chair that stood out from the wall.

“Oh! Let me go!” Amy squealed, but the larger woman handled her easily. She sat down and swept Amy across her knees with what seemed like no effort at all. Amy felt an arm clamp her back, pinioning her helplessly across Paulette’s sturdy thighs. Her frock was raised in back. All she had on underneath were plain white panties. She gasped in shame as even these, her last vestige of modesty, were slipped down, baring her bottom. The tiny panties fluttered at her knee hollows impeding her ability to kick her legs. For a moment all she felt was a cool breeze. Then smack! smack! smack! smack! Paulette’s palm landed on her nude bottom cheeks delivering crisp authoritative spanks that made her screech.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” she yelled. This really stung. The woman had a hand like a paddle. This was no erotic idyll. Amy was getting an authentic spanking.

For the next several minutes and without interruption, the walls of the studio echoed with the sounds of meaty smacks being applied to Amy’s bare bottom. The impacts made her teeth rattle and the sting was unrelenting. Each explosive smack was a searing burn. Amy thought to herself the same thing thought by naughty girls since time immemorial—Stop! I’ll be good! I’ll be good!

Amy wriggled and bucked. She put her hand back to shield her bottom. Paulette just laughed and grabbed it, pinioning her wrist to her back. “No, no, no, little girl. Athena said ‘a sound spanking’ and that’s what you get,” she laughed. “This little fanny is going to be well warmed by the time I’m done.” The spanking increased in tempo as Paulette spanked hard and fast. The cute bottom cheeks rippled and quivered with the repeated impacts of Paulette’s hand.

“Yow! Yow!” Amy squealed. She was now practically beside herself from the overwhelming burn visited on her backside by Paulette’s unrelenting hand . Her eyes flooded with tears. She was drooling. “Ah…ah…ahhh!” she bleated, all to no avail.

“Now, little miss, will you behave?” Smack! Smack! Smack! These spanks were slower but even harder.

“Yes! Yes! Oh, please stop!”

“And you will wear the frock Athena bought for you?” Smack! Whap! Crack! The big woman’s palm stung atrociously.

“Yes! I will wear it! Yes!” Anything to make it stop!

“Then you may rise,” said Paulette, lifting her up and placing Amy on her feet. Amy started to pull her panties back up. “Uh, uh,” said Paulette. “Leave those down. Over to the corner with you.” She pointed to a far corner.

Amy managed to shuffle over to the corner.

“Face the corner and lift your skirt,” commanded Paulette. “Do not rub yourself. Stay that way.”

This was the worst yet. Horribly embarrassed and shamed, Amy lifted the skirt to expose her bottom, which she imagined must be beet red, and faced the wall like some disgraced schoolgirl. Her bottom burned. It was positively throbbing. She longed to rub it, to alleviate the awful sting. The other spankings now seemed like playful encounters. Amy heard her walk out, but was too emotionally drained to do anything but stand obediently in the corner, like some recalcitrant child, now duly reprimanded. It was utterly humiliating.

But as the heat in her bottom began to subside, she felt that familiar tingle of arousal. Somehow the shame began to feel delicious. How could that be? The sting subsided to a glow that was almost sensuous. Still, she waited in silence. Minutes went by.

A sudden sound made her turn her head. It was Athena.

“There, you naughty girl. Will you behave now? I see that Paulette has done a thorough job on your naughty backside.” Athena regarded her, standing there with her arms folded, shaking her head back and forth.

Amy did not know what to think. She was a conflicted mess of emotions. She just nodded, too overwhelmed to do anything else.

“Come then,” said Athena, holding out her hand. “Let’s get some cold cream for that bottom.”
You can probably guess what happened next.
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Hi Hermione, I am not generally a fan of age play stories either, but I loved the descriptiveness of the spanking.


ronnie said...


I'm not a fan of age play either, but I agree with you this was worth reading for the spanking scene. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

F/f spankings leave more to what comes next. There is just something about a female spanking another female.

Hermione said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed the FF scene. Obviously Amy found it a turn-on.