Sunday, October 27, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #302

Gather around, dear friends, and help yourself to a slice of cake. It isn't anyone's birthday; the candle is there to help keep you warm on this chilly day. Today's topic came to me as I arranged our spanking toys on their special rack. I had taken them down and hidden them when we had guests for Thanksgiving, but it's safe to display them once more.

Is there an implement that you have always wanted to try, but haven't? What is preventing you from acquiring this implement? Do you think you will ever find out what it feels like?

Please leave your response as a comment. Once  everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart


Bonnie said...

As I scan my spanko bucket list, I can't think of an implement that I really want to try for the first time. Perhaps I need to do some research into new spanking technology!

WendelJones said...

That cake looks delicious and a good spanking will also warm you up on a chilly evening.
The bucket list is topped with the carpet beater. Just looks like it would cover a lot of space and sting like hell. Never got around to buying one.

Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

I can't really think of anything. Once upon a time my answer would have been riding crop and flogger, but we have now tried both...and broken both lol


Yorkie69 said...

A full length cane, a tawse, a thicker, heavier paddle to name a few. Why haven’t I tried them? Lack of spare cash.


Barrel said...

I would like to acquire and try a dragon cane. As my wife’s caning skills are still developing, and the two canes she does wield both wrap on to both hips, I have been afraid to buy one. If I could only get her to devote more time to “practicing” on me, of course ;<) I’d have one on order in a heart beat.

Anonymous said...

We’ve tried many things and mostly use a (substantial) riding crop and a two-tailed tawse. In fact my bottom is still quite tender from the whipping I received 36 hours ago. Sometimes Irene will instruct me to cut a switch, but there’s only the right raw material in our area for a few months of the year.

I’m a little intrigued by what a real caning would be like. I’ve seen pictures and it looks a little scary. And Irene doesn’t like to hold back once she starts, so it’s probably not a good idea.

I also asked a girl once why she was carrying an ice hockey stick. She declared loudly it was because she was going to spank me with it. She didn’t, and it seemed an odd choice of implement, but the threat lingers in my mind to this day.


ronnie said...

I can't think of an implement that I want to try for the first time.


QBuzz said...

I've always had a thing about the birch, but doubt I'll ever try one due to the practicalities of acquiring one and the fact that it's not a very 'domestic' implement - I doubt my girlfriend would enjoy using it

Spankedhortic II said...

I would like to try a Bullwhip. I have not purchased one because I would not know a good one from a rubbish one. Even then I do not know of anyone who is skilled enough to use one, from watching videos, they do not look like they are an implement to be used by someone who has not had sufficient training with one. Also I do not know of a place that is large enough to play with one, most domestic settings are just to small.