Monday, October 7, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 6

Do you have a love/hate relationship with one particular implement?

Anon 1: The cane! It the most intense implement we own. It will leave marks and it will sometimes break the skin. It can make you want to jump out of your skin at times. However, the endorphin release it creates is so great and unmatched by any other implement it makes it so worth it.

Roz: Ha, I think I have a love/hate relationship with all our implements lol. It depends on how they are used. They can either leave a nice sting or really pack a punch.

Jack: Bath Brush, more hate than love, it has a lasting affect.

Simon: I love canes, I like the noise they make both travelling through the air and when they impact with my usually bare skin. I like the intense feeling when they strike and the lovely marks they leave. For me nothing is more enjoyably painful than a cane in the hands of a skilled lady.

Anon 2: A paddle made of Lexan which was a gift to C for her birthday. It is a quarter of an inch thick with one inch holes nicely spaced. It stings like a nest of hornets yet brings a wonderful response from the victim. We both hate it but still like it.

Prefectdt: I have a white synthetic cane, I hate it but I am so fascinated by my ability to endure it that I cannot bring myself to throw it away.

Barrel: Absolutely the thin, white delrin cane. When administered with vigor, it can wrap around to the sides of each cheek with a branding effect. Yet I crave it. We also have a small, hard plastic paddle that is vicious. When I bought it, the sales lady smiled and told me it was the “bane” of her. So I know I am not alone in respecting it.

Yorkie: Actually, no. I love them all!

Ronnie: For me the cane. I love it more than hate it. Depends on how it's used.

Hermione: I had to think about this one because we have a few implements that I love unconditionally, and a few that I hate with a passion. The one implement that I both love and hate is the rattan carpet beater. It's very stingy but not too severe, and I love the swishy sound it makes. Sadly, it is also prone to breaking, so we don't use it very often.

That discussion heated up the room nicely!
From Hermione's Heart

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