Thursday, March 26, 2020

An Afternoon Walk

We went for a walk yesterday afternoon. The weather was chilly but the air was still and it made a pleasant change from sitting indoors. Many other people had the same idea. We passed several couples, mothers with children, dog walkers or lone strollers. Each time, we smiled and said hello, keeping our social distance by stepping into the road or onto a lawn. Cyclists rushed past, and we had to dodge an entire family on scooters.

The streets were mostly deserted and cars were infrequent. We could have walked down the middle of the road, and in fact, we saw a man playing ball hockey by himself in the middle of an intersection. It was odd to see so many cars in the driveways of the houses. Most people were at home instead of working. Non-essential I guess. Squirrels raced back and forth across the streets, invincible as always, but safe from motorists this time.

There were signs of life, however. In one block, children had been busy with coloured chalk on the pavement, and the message "Hi neighbour, you look lovely" made me smile. I also tried out the longest hopscotch I had ever seen. A sign in a window read, "Hello from inside". Colourful wreaths and other decorations on the outside of houses showed that many youngsters were keeping busy with crafts.

I wrote about our neighbourhood once before, in my short story, Carnaby Calling. Perhaps you would like to reread it or enjoy it for the first time.
From Hermione's Heart


PK said...

I'm glad you're getting out. We are fortunate to have a small patch of woods to walk in behind our house, but no sidewalk to walk on and wave to neighbors. Sounds like you live in a great place.

morningstar said...

Despite everything we're going through -- it seems oddly peaceful doesn't it??

We just had to travel the 401 to take Sir Steve to the doctor's. Hardly any cars but lots and lots of trucks!! As we would pass them -- I gave them a bright smile and a thumbs up...... seems the least I could do to thank them.......

We do indeed live in interesting times


I have noticed that the air smells crisp and sweet, in the mornings, with the reduced car fumes. There's always a silver lining.


ronnie said...

We've been taking walks around our local neighbourhood in the evenings. A couple of dog walkers and joggers but that's about it. It does sound lovely where you live.


Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

What a wonderful neighborhood you live in. I love the decorations and chalk messages on the sidewalk. It's great to see people coming together, figuratively speaking.


Enzo said...

Hi Hermione -
It has been weird and extreme here.

It has been eerily still around the residential streets. Normally you would hear traffic and people bustling about. These days days a car driving past is almost unsettling.

In contrast, our waterfront and parks this past weekend were so crowded you would think it was a holiday. It got so bad the city just announced they were shutting down the playgrounds and parks to keep people from gathering as they weren't taking it seriously.

Be well,

WendelJones said...

We live about 5 miles from the airport and even closer to the commuter train and it is quiet. Very few flights take off and the trains to the city are less than half. I agree, the air smells more pure from the lack of car fumes. The misses works from home now. I have an "esential function" job so I get to leave the house and drive to work once in a while. Was never affraid of much but I am nervous everytime I enter the building. It is incredible that a tiny invisible thing can strike a terrible fear in people. One positive thing we did notice in the neighborhood is the number of families taking walks. Mother and father walking with their kids. Great to see families together.
We wish everyone good health and happiness.

Fondles said...

I've been going for my evening walks again, twice this week, and have arranged to go again this evening, "with" one of my girlfriends. She'll walk around her neighbourhood at the same time and we plan on doing it while on video call with each other!

Glad to hear that spirits are still up in your neighbourhood.

Mostly life is still pretty much the same here cos we haven't QUITE hit lockdown mode yet, but everyone is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to stay indoors.

Stay safe!

Baxter said...

We have been on stay at home order for a week now. I have been working from home for two weeks now. It is a nice routine we are in and yes it is quiet out.


Red said...

Glad to read that you both are well. We walk outside everyday that it is not raining. We can also walk down the middle of the street, staying a long distance from everybody.
bottoms up