Sunday, March 22, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #323

Welcome to a special edition of our weekly spanko brunch. I try to make this blog a pleasant, upbeat place where like-minded spankos come to escape and enjoy themselves. But the world is a dark place these days and we are all struggling to come to terms with the pandemic that surrounds us.

How is the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) impacting your life? What has changed for you, either in your spanking routines or your regular, vanilla life? Can you think of anything positive that has come about as a result of these changes? 

This is your chance to speak your mind about your fears and challenges. Please do so by leaving a comment. I will publish an edited summary of our conversation on Monday. Until then, stay safe.

From Hermione's Heart


Baxter said...

I worked from home this past week. the big difference was my alarm not going off at 430am which then signals my climbing on the bus at 540am that connects with a train which arrives at Union Station at 650am and into my gray cubicle at 705am. So this week it was no alarm, sleeping until 615am and sitting with my company laptop at 705 am. I did not miss my coworker over the cubicle giving off with her conspiracy theories or bad news. I did not miss the unfriendly coworkers that don't say good morning or anything at all. It is now the weekend with a statewide shelter in place proclamation from the governor to go into place at 5pm today. It's ok because I can watch birds in the backyard from my kitchen table, I can read, I can work on my model railroad and we can always have sex and spankings. That is how life will be until April 7 at least . the unfortunate thing was that I was to have total knee replacement surgery on March 19, but it was cancelled as it was an elective surgery. Oh well, it will happen at some point. I hope that everyone on this blog stays safe and healthy. we will get through this, together.

Xen said...

My daughter got sick with an unknown flu-like virus about a week and a half before everything locked down here. My husband and I put a halt on harder spankings (for ME... we don’t spank the kids!!!) until we were sure we were both healthy, which we seem to be. I told him to lift that whenever he felt like it, and at this point I’m stressed enough that I am really needing/craving a good beating.

In terms of non kink life... we are luckier than most. My husband has a job he can do from home that isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon. We have some savings and are trying to do take-out and support local businesses remotely when we can. We have a good sized backyard where I can send the kids when they’re driving me insane. I’m in the US but our governor has had one of the more aggressive responses (which I’m glad of) so schools have been closed for a week and pretty much everything else closed soon after.

I have asthma so I am worried about myself, but I’m more worried about my parents and inlaws. I’m also very worried about many of my friends who’ve had to close down businesses, have lost jobs, or are likely to lose their jobs soon. One thing I do feel grateful for is that this thing isn’t really hitting kids... this would be unthinkably terrifying if it were targeting children like many illnesses do... as it is my main concern for them is some other kind of emergency happening when the hospitals hit peak overload.

Anonymous said...

I am hunkered down, not going out at all. I am doing some work from home. I have to be careful as I do have some medical issues that make me more vulnerable. Kinky stuff is completely on hold. But I do intend to write stuff for my much neglected blog. Stay safe everyone.

Nena said...

I live in the part of the Netherlands with the highest number of patients.

I still have to go to work. It is impossible to do my work from home and we are supposed to come to work unless we show symptoms. So my alarm still goes at 3.30, work starts at 5 and I get home between 11 and 12

What I love is that my husband works from home now, so we can have lunch together when I get home and because he needs to get away from the computer every once in a while he usually has done some laundry or he unloaded the dishwasher by the time I get home.
The kids, both teenagers, don't have school, but our youngest has been home with depression and anxiety disorder for the past months, so no change there and the oldest had only one test left this year and than he was already supposed to have 6-7 weeks off till the final exams.

It's such a weird situation, things are scary, but at the same time, everything seems so surreal, like it's not really happening.

Since our youngest is always home, there hasn't been any kinky stuff going on for months. We just can't figure out how to make it work. But that has nothing to do with the virus.

morningstar said...

I've posted a couple of blogs about my anxiety over this Covid 19 - I'm slowly (I think and hope) getting a handle on it. Sir Steve can't work from home -- but thankfully he drives himself to and from work and there are only 6 employees in the office. Our town hasn't any cases yet which also helps to alleviate some of my anxiety.

On the bright side my girls have been in touch via Facebook messenger every day ... and my brother has scheduled a video chat tomorrow with me. I noticed the other day how quiet our town is... peacefully so..... though it is a bit eerie not to hear the cars roaring down the road. On the sunny days (what few we've had) I sit on our front deck and the few folks out walking smile and say 'hi' -- there's a part of me that hopes this neighbourliness continues once this is over.

As for kinky activities we haven't had the lil one this week (and next) so we have had some nice adult times...

Hoping everyone stays well and safe.

Roz said...

The biggest impacts for me so far are friends being in self isolation due to travel, visiting Dad. The apartments he lives in have restricted visitors to close family only and only between certain times. We would normally go out for lunch too, which we will no longer be doing (they haven't closed restaurants and cafes yet, but numbers are restricted).

Shopping is also a huge frustration. The shelves are still empty...of everything!

Work wise, at the moment we aren't set up to work from home which means I still take the train to work, however they have banned cash and may put in measures to try and keep people separated. My organisation also plays a big part in the covid response, so the situation at work is a bit fluid and we could end up being deployed to different jobs than our usual job.


Anonymous said...

My daughter and her son went grocery shopping for us tonight, and, to her surprise, the store was practically empty of customers and she found everything on the shopping list, including hand sanitizers. So, perhaps hoarding is slowing down.

On the kinky side, my wife and I are completely alone during this corona crisis, thus making it easy for her to paddle me twice a week, as scheduled. Something I enjoy a great deal despite the moderate pain.

WendelJones said...

We both have the ability to work from home. The spankings and sex have actually increased as a result. I have to stand as i write this becuase of the paddling I received an hour ago. The Misses does video meetings from her laptop which made for a few good paddlings for her prior to the meetings. It is fun to see her try to sit and be serious on a video call when her bottom is burning and sore. Wonder if the the people on the other end notice anything different about her.

QBuzz said...

Obviously it's difficult for everyone, but I always like to put a positive spin on things, and me and my girlfriend are very much looking forward to much spanking and other 'sexual harassment' going on (in both directions) while we're both working from home... the only problem is deciding who gets to be the boss and who gets to be the secretary/assistant :D


1 - My last two opportunities to get a spanking both got scuppered by the present situation and it looks like I will not get another chance for some time. It has been many months since I have had a good bottom warming and am now feeling decidedly pain slutty.
2 - My working week has been reduced to 2 days next week.
3 - the shops in my region have successfully restocked, so that's one good thing.
4 - I am hoping that this will be a psychological kick in the ass to the whole world and that every one realizes that we have to find real solutions to real problems and stop listening to extremists and populists.
5 - I have to do something about my recent compulsion to write everything as lists.


Bonnie said...

We're doing OK, maybe better than most because we have each other so we're not entirely alone. We are working from home and with a bit of adaptation, it's satisfactory. No-bra Wednesdays have rapidly spread to other days of the week and the only dressing up I do is for Randy.

Speaking of which, we have shortened the intervsl between spankings. What once were weekly appointments can now happen at almost any time. I find that the anxiety reducing properties of a small lexan paddle, when applied vigorously to the skin of the buttocks, are extremely effective. I'm still ouchy from last night and that makes me smile every time I sit down.

So, yeah, we're doing all right so far.

Barrel said...

I moved my office home on Tuesday and now work from our dining room table. By moving everything, I also brought my freestanding camera as we are now doing a lot of video conferencing. I’ve been thinking how to use that camera on my personal computer to video our next session so I can see what it is like from the delivery side. My wife has been telling me I need a session...maybe due to the constant closeness?

These are crazy times.

Be well. Cheers


Abby Williams said...

I'm so happy to see this brunch is still happening! I've been trying to get to it all morning but the dogs suddenly required baths - don't ask. Hello Hermione, Bonnie, Prefectdt (I think it's been about a decade since I've said hi), and everyone!

So far we're doing well - I'm back on my blog as of last night and Mr. W is busy crafting spanking paddles. So far, it is a kinky quarantine. My adult stepson has lived with us for the last five years, but on Friday he temporarily moved in with his girlfriend's family for quarantine while she's home from college. It only took the end of the world, but we got our house and our kinky lives back! We're feeling fortunate right now, though there's also the fear that it's just the calm before the storm.

Hope everyone is able to stay mentally and physically well during these times. xo Abby

Anonymous said...



ronnie said...

We're doing OK. Thankfully spankings are still happening.

Shopping is a big frustration. I can't believe the selfishness of people stockpiling. They should be shamed. Pubs, cafes, leisure centres and gyms are closed. Our over 70's have been told to stay at home for 12 weeks and in the next few days 1.5 million people with underlying health issues will be getting a letter advising them to stay at home for 12 weeks. Our neighbours are over 80 so I keep checking in on them to make sure they have everything they need.


Anonymous said...

We're healthy, so far, but the overall situation is so devastating and so many people are being harmed. We've tried to do a couple little things to help out (we donated some spare masks we had from last year's fires), but there doesn't seem to be much we can do other than to physically distance as directed and limit exposure.

I'm not sure if either of us has thought much about sex for a couple weeks, which is also sad in itself.


Anonymous said...

We're fine for now. Hope it stays that way. She working from home,me no. So, that makes me another apron only pillow sitter. Warm enough to have window open yesterday and and heard quite a paddling going on next door. Same as us she working from home and he not.
These trying times and hopefully we'll all get through them. But things have definitely changed and life will be different going forward.

Anonymous said...

There’s a lot of worry - the virus itself, friends and family I can’t see, the economy, empty shelves at the store. I’m so glad I have Irene to keep me sane.

I wondered if this stress might affect the quality of out “rendezvous” the other day. It didn’t. If anything, the opportunity to escape into the world of submission and obedience was enhanced beyond its usual fantastic intensity.

Anonymous said...

Nothing has changed, I'm working just part of the time, the same job, just cutting back. My wife having me around more has found that this could be beneficial. I have more to do around the house because she believes that will keep my mind focus and staying out of trouble. The spankings have not stopped, the first few days were the worse, that hairbrush was kept busy. She is now much more stricter with me, thankful we have maybe one of her girlfriends visit, but I still will be facing the wall no matter what. The one major change is that I will be wearing my jammies more when I'm in trouble. Jack