Sunday, March 8, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #321

Our good friend Barrel has been busy this week creating interesting topics for us to discuss. He was the inspiration for this question about positions.

Does the person to be spanked "assume the position" willingly or is there some apprehension?  Does the spanker provide encouragement or order the required position to be assumed?”

Please leave your response as a comment. Stay tuned for an edited summary of our discussion on Monday.
From Hermione's Heart


Bonnie said...

The person being spanked is me and I am almost always a willing participant. After all these years and all those spankings, I recognize that when my husband thinks that my bottom needs a dose of his paddle, he's generally right. So I take my position and uncover my target without resistance.


I always "assume the position" when told to. I like being under the verbal control of the spanker. Having to do what I am told to do, without question or hesitation, is something I find thrilling. It really gets my belly butterflies flapping. It's an important part of playing for me.


Roz said...

Most times Rick places me in position himself so it's not so much a case of assume the position. On occasions where I am expected to assume the position there is often a slight hesitation, which I think is more nerves and anticipation as I am willing.


Anonymous said...

My wife tells me over her lap and NOW. I have tried getting out of it only to have her really warm my bottom.

Bernie said...

I always wait to be told exactly what to do, but do assume the position willingly once I know the specifics.

Joe said...

When told to it's spanking time I assume the position quickly as I usually need the spanking.

Barrel said...

When my wife taps her thigh with the brush or paddle, I always assume the position. However, when we have planned a long and intense thrashing on the bench where she will employ the tawse or canes, I admit to being hesitant. She will lead me to the bench and help me over the pillows I have arranged, telling me I need it and she wants to do it.

Anonymous said...

Neither of us have ever used the phrase “assume the position”.

Irene will instruct me - often to take a shower and open the toy box because I’ve misbehaved and need a spanking.

Mostly I’m lying flat on the bed and will be told to raise my bottom for the paddle, strap or riding crop. Over her lap doesn’t really work. Often I’m blindfolded and/or tied down. She likes to take a full swing, especially with the strap.

There’s a place nearby that you can rent which has a spanking bench which I’d like to try. My bottom would be upturned but I’d be very comfortably supported it seems. But Irene worries we’d run into somebody we know.



WendelJones said...

The only hesitation is when the spankings are outdoors. Our hikes in the mountains almost always end with spankings and there is a bit of hesitation pulling down pants fearing someone might stumble across us.

Anonymous said...

I hesitated only once when ordered to strip and wait for the spanking. That was the day my wife said
i was to be spanked in front of her mother. The hesitation earned me double the swaps . First set
from my wife the second from her mother.
Since then when ordered to strip and wait for spanking i do it. I might add that in the three years
following my mothers in laws spanking, one of my wife's friends has also watched and now also
spanks her husband.


Xen said...

I suppose it depends on your definition of willingly. If I’m being punished there’s certainly apprehension, but the only time I’d actually resist is if we’re having fun.

ronnie said...

I assume the position, P puts me in position or sometimes he tells me to assume the position.