Sunday, March 1, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #320

Welcome, dear friends, and I mean that sincerely. Our individual spanking preferences may be quite different, but I respect all preferences and all opinions on spanking. What specifically turns you on may be different from what turns me on, but there is no single "right" stimulus. You are safe here.

I just love getting ideas for brunch topics from my readers. Long-time reader Fred supplied this week's questions.

Does anyone treat their spanked bottoms with ice packs afterwards? Does anyone take painkillers afterwards? If anyone knows they are going to get a spanking do they take painkillers before the spanking?

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to speak.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

My wife would not hear of such a thing. A spanking is suppose to remind of what you did wrong to get a spanking. The lasting effects are an important part of the spanking. Rubbing is not allowed also. Jack


I have never used an ice pack but I have occasionally put some moisturising body lotion in the fridge. If my rear end is really suffering long after the action has happened.

Painkillers after a spanking has never happened for me. But because there is very often some time between arranging a spanking and the event happening, there have been times when I feel more "delicate" on the day than I did when the spanking was arranged and because I do not like to go back on pre arrangements I have sometimes (not often) taken a couple of paracetamol half an hour before proceedings begin. It does seem to help sometimes, although I do not know if it because of the pain killing effect or the psychological effect. Paracetamol never seems to help me with a head ache.


WendelJones said...

There are no meds or booze to ease the effects of the spanking. Once in a while I will rub cream on the Misses’ sore bottom as part of the comforting after the spanking. If time allows she will applying a cold wash cloth on her bottom after a whipping with the belt. It is quite a turn on to see her lying on her stomach, pants down with a little wash cloth coving her red bottom.

Roz said...

We have never used ice packs or taken pain killers after a spanking. However, Rick has on occasion rubbed lotion or arnica on after a spanking.


Anonymous said...

I had never used ice packs or painkillers until recently. As I get older my bottom does not heal as fast so the ice pack really helps to reduce the bruises. Pain killers don't really do anything for me. Thanks for featuring my question.

Bonnie said...

No, that would defeat the whole purpose. Lotion with aftercare is fine, but a spanking is supposed to hurt.

Anonymous said...

Never thought of it. When I am being spanked I cannot seem to get enough. The first few hard whacks can be almost unbearable, but then my bottom warms and i get into a blissful zone.

But 24 hours later my bottom sometimes feels worn out. I cannot take most painkillers as I take blood thinners, which makes it hard to deal with injuries.

I don't feel the need but maybe I will try ice sometime. Then again, sometimes Irene will use ice on me after a spanking on a hot day - on my bottom, but also on my balls an inside my rectum (which causes a lot of screaming).



Xen said...

I don’t take anything for the pain after a spanking... the pain DURING is hard to take, but I kind of relish the soreness after.

I do occasionally take pain killers before a spanking however... I have issues with headaches, particularly when straining/tensing and if I’m feeling unwell, it can make a spanking impossible.

Anonymous said...

Never, Never, and Never. I seek the lasting sting from a spanking. Unfortunately, I rarely get spanked to the extent to have the lasting sting adn burn from a spanking because Master still stops spanking me too soon.

simon said...

I would never take painkillers before a spanking. It seems to defeat the object somehow. Afterwards I enjoy the after glow to much to take anything.

willie said...

The first year of ttwd there were times B applied Arnica to see if it would do anything after. There were also times that I lay with a bag of frozen corn on my butt. As time has gone on the spankings have come more intense, but the effects less- in the buttocks area anyway.

Never did think to take anything for the swelling orally though. LOL...


ronnie said...

No never used ice packs or pain-killers. I have rubbed lotion on after a spanking.


morningstar said...

Never ever thought of taking any form of painkillers before ....... and as for ice GAH!! I will call RED loud and long -- I HATE ice!! (which makes it perfect for my Sadist)

I have from time to time used arnica cream after the fact... it works wonders on bruising and back in the day I wanted to play every weekend and it's never a good idea to play when there is a lot of bruising.

Anonymous said...

Define "pain killers".

Demerol? Dilaudid? Darvon? Percocet?

I'm guessing not, but acetaminophen (Tylenol), aspirin, Aleve, Advil, Motrin...sure, post-spanking. Don't think it would work pre-spanking.

Lotions? Yup!!! Always. And always fun to apply.

Joe said...

Never even thought about it, the only reason I am spanked is because I ask for it and as Rosco said the first few hard wacks can be hard to take after that I enter a zone of pleasure and can not seem to get enough and frequently ask for more. Most of my spankings consist of a long thick and wide wooden paddle, a leather strap and a crop which leaves a wonderful sting and burn. Why would I want to mess that up?

Anonymous said...

No. No. And no!

Anonymous said...

After years of marriage I am getting spanked by my wife. She was hoping that going me a real severe spanking might cure me from the kink so she does not allow any after care like ice or anything else.