Sunday, March 15, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #322

The world has become an increasingly frightening place, and no one is safe from the current virus stalking our cities and countrysides. Let's shift our thoughts to more pleasant topics like, say...oh, I don't know. How about spanking? Yes, let's do that. Thank you, Barrel, for today's topic.

Other than a timed spanking, when does the spanker know when enough is enough?  Is it by the desired red/purple color, the welts, the weals? Or is it based on the spankee's actions or signals?

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our conversation on Monday. In the meantime, wash your hands and stay safe.
From Hermione's Heart


Bonnie said...

Randy says that he watches my breathing for deep panting and my body for relaxation.

Anonymous said...

My wife will stop only when I lay limp over her lap,crying and saying I am sorry. I can try and fake it, it does not work at all she knows. Jack

Yorkie69 said...

My wife and I have a standing agreement that I won’t drag it out so I work out what implements I’m in the mood for and try to work out the most bang for my buck, so to speak. I usually try to make sure my bottom is burning for at least a half hour after the event ;


Joe said...

It usually ends when my is tired, after she has spanked me for a long time her arm gets tired and she stops. Sometimes my bottom turns bright red before that and she will decide it is time by that but it does not happen too often.

Roz said...

Similar to Bonnie, Rick watches for signs, body language, how vocal I am etc and also the state of my bottom, stopping if he thinks it's red enough or marked.


WendelJones said...

I fell for the tears and crying that she will be a good girl several times when we first started spanking. Turned out it wasn not enough and I had to give her another spanking. Now I will only stop a spanking after her bottom is red and hot. Her bottom will be too sore to sit for an hour or two.

Fondles said...

it's never timed for us. More a case of when I give the signals that tell him i'm at the point where he doesn't need to continue... not because of the pain so much, but more because I'm all relaxed and ready to move on to other things, or when I've let go of the stress, or when i'm feeling re-centred again.

Or when he's ready to stop and move on to more fun things :)


Unfortunately most of the spankings that I receive, both with fellow enthusiasts and pay to plays, are time restricted and so the issue seldom arises. On the occasions when time is not an issue and the action can go on for a long time, I usually ask for some short (enough time to have a little tote on my e-cig or a smoke break in previous years) pre arranged, breaks in play. At these times it is a good time to have a little chat and see how long myself and the other party would like to continue.


willie said...

It all depends on why the spanking is taking place to begin with. If it is a punishment it is usually the state of my skin or until he's worn himself out. If it is for him, it is the markings he likes. If it is anything else, it is my body language. When we first started years ago, he would ask me questions. It wasn't the answers he was listening for but how I answered. From there he learned to read my body language


Anonymous said...

Good question. I’ll ask Irene. But I’m guessing she doesn’t think about it, but just stops when she feels like it.

Generally one of our dates involves 2, 3 or maybe 4 spankings with other activities in between. I know sometimes she’ll tell me I’m going to have another round but then she’ll decide she’s ready for my tongue and spanking usually but not always comes to an end.

I try hard to play the reluctant submissive and follow Irene’s instructions. But sometimes if I’m craving especially harsh treatment, I’ll mouth off a bit or touch her in ways not permitted so I can get an especially hard or long spanking. Often she’ll demand an apology, so I can extend a spanking by being slow to comply.

But I’ll ask and report back.


Barrel said...

My wife generally delivers thrashings in sets of 20’s with a pause to judge the color, the marks and my breathing. She will administer one implement to get the color she desires, then switch implements, as each delivers a different result. While I am almost never vocal, I do moan which she monitors. Additionally, I have learned to try to breath smoothly but as the intensity of the spanking increases, I will begin to breath heavily. She will then give me a few minutes to settle, before continuing.

My wife will usually asks me if I’ve had enough. To my recollection, I have never said yes, but my extended pauses trying to slow my breathing signals she thinks I have had enough. When I don’t answer and I’m bright red with purple spots, she determines we are done. The only other stopping point is when she uses the thin cane, which results in deep red weals, and when she gets enough of those, she stops.

It is interesting to learn from others when enough is enough. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

I asked Irene how she decides. As I suspected, she said she didn’t know.

Occasionally she’ll spank me for some minor transgression like not washing and folding her lingerie. But there’s never any spanking for ant serious disagreement.

Now that we’re north of 60, we generally have a “date” about once a week. It’s pretty much all roleplay. She’ll be a princess or a teacher or a seƱorita or a southern belle, and I’ll be some naughty recalcitrant boy who’s failed to obey the rules. I’ve told her various fantasies over the years and she does what works for her. 99% of the time Irene punishes me as much as she likes, then straddles my mouth, followed by intercourse (though there’s a lot of variation within the theme).


Spanky53 said...

There's been a good deal said on this topic. It sounds as if it is all very situational. For me it has always been about energy and feeling based upon how well I know someone. When I played at parties or dungeon spaces where time was limited I still went by body reactions and what responses I was getting back. it wasn't uncommon to stop well before the allotted time.