Sunday, March 29, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #324

I hope everyone is staying home and staying safe. We are both well and are going out for supplies only when necessary. We took a drive downtown yesterday and it was an eerie experience. A usually bustling shopping district was practically devoid of people, except for a few hardy shoppers.

Our good friend A.J. suggested this week's topic. He told me it was inspired by a video in which the disciplinarian devoted all efforts to a single cheek, instead of alternating between left and right buttock.

Have you ever given/taken a spanking where a one-cheek samba was intentional?

Please leave your response as a comment and I will publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has weighed in.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Not had that exact experience, but my first disciplinarian discovered the power of delivering multiple strokes to one cheek and then the other until my whole bum was a flaming mess. I was shocked the first time she did it because it overwhelmed my defenses and resolution "to take my punishment like a man" There is no chance to recover when alternate checks are repeatedly spanked and I went from enduring it to losing it. We both really anted that , so it was all good. But when she let me up I knew I had been well and truly spanked by someone who now meant business. It was surely the most severe spanking I had received till that time and considering the psychological shock of it one of the most severe I have ever received.It made a lasting impression

morningstar said...

Yes I did ...... and I didn't like it one little bit. I realized how alternating cheeks gives me time to process the pain (for lack of a better explanation)

Bonnie said...

Not an entire spanking, but enough to know that I really dislike that unbalanced feeling.

Roz said...

As the others said, balance is best. I don't think i have had an entire one sided spanking, but certainly all attention paid to one cheek then the other on occasion.


Anonymous said...

Yuk! Wouldn't want to give or receive. To each his/her own.



No I have never intentionally been spanked in this way nor do I ever want to be. I would "Safe Word" this kind of thing during pre spanking negotiations or chat. I thoroughly hate being "Lop Spanked". It brings me out in quotation marks :)


Anonymous said...

My wife wants to insure I have trouble sitting, so both cheeks are equally spanked. Jack

Barrel said...

We have not. We do have spanking game we haven’t played yet called “Count To Ten”, where each cheek gets first one, then two, then three and so on up to ten. From the discussion at the table, I don’t think I want to play it. And it seems to me that surface area matters. The more surface area covered, the more satisfaction???



Anonymous said...

The last thing Irene would do would be to think about details like this. But yesterday, we escaped to a nearby private cabin so she brought only her leather ping pong paddle and no other “toys”. She started fast and hard, and gave multiple whacks to one cheek before switching to the other. 5 seconds reprieve can help a cheek prepare for the next swat but was not to be had.

Generally she’s much more egalitarian in her approach to spanking - one than the other.

In days gone by, with switches especially, Irene would fail to realize that some strokes were wrapping around and getting my hip bone. I would interrupt if necessary but it lessened my mood to do so. After she would see the bruising and eventually she learned to keep the end of any whip closer to the middle of the far cheek.



ronnie said...

Never had an entire spanking of one cheek and happy it hasn't happened.


Anonymous said...

I have many times had a one butt session.HATE IT !!!!!!!
Am told it is the best reminder that this is discipline
and not a game!

WendelJones said...

It would be a half-assed job. Someone had to say it.


Anonymous said...

"Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm...." - Thomas Merton.

(N.B.: I'm only a fun spanker/spankee, with no interest in delivering - or getting - a "REAL!" spanking. I just think and do it because it's fun.)

It was my question, and the background was a short video clip of a woman spanking some guy OTK. And she was pretty damn good! With just her hand. (But if that hand had held a hairbrush or paddle...(Shudders....) I noticed something while watching, and then re-ran that clip a couple more times and took count. Over about 110-seconds - 93 firm spanks, 78 of them delivered to the poor guy's northern hemisphere!

I had a small laugh at that because I have been in that guy's position where my GF had concentrated so often on my northern hemisphere to the point I had to look back and remind her, "Hey! I have two cheeks!" Because it really hurt! Whereupon she would smile sweetly, apologize, promised to make up for her error, and proceeded to do so. And as the spanker, I admit have been guilty of that carelessness, too. Besides, pink is a nice color and it should be spread around, amiright?

I assumed that one-cheek-samba in the clip was, like my experiences - unintentional. From the reader responses it looks like my assumption has been wrong. Ouch!!!


"Let's be careful out there." - Sergeant Phil Esterhaus, Hill Street Precinct.

QBuzz said...

A 'one-cheek samba' is my girlfriend's preferred technique, she spanks one cheek many times and then the other many times, and so on. It is certainly effective and it always evens out in the long run...
I have commented on it in the past but she has no intention of changing so I just have to be a good boy and accept it :D