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From the Top Shelf - Slippered

Today I have a real treat for you. Some of you will be familiar with GeorgieC's writings. Just the other day I received a brand new story from that seasoned author. I hope you enjoy it, although GeorgieC warns that the end "may prove a surprise, or a disappointment."


"Right, Lewis.  Where were you yesterday?"

She fidgeted and cast her eyes down.   She knew she had been rumbled.  Her hands nervously twitched the hem of her short blue skirt.  It had seemed a bit of fun to take the day off school and just lie around doing nothing.  Particularly as it was double Maths.  But she also knew there would be a reckoning.  Knew it because the school had phoned her Mum at work to find out where Karen was.  Of course when her Mum had got home there had been a lot of shouting and early bed-time, but Karen knew that was only the start.  She knew she would have to face the Headmaster in the morning.

And so the appointed hour of 9 o'clock came.  And here she was stood in front of him, in his office.  Her blonde hair glinted in the light reflecting through the window.  Her blues eyes glistened as tears of shame fought to escape, despite her wishes.

She had no answer.

"I think we both know where you were.  You know of course I have spoken to your mother?"

She nodded, her eyes still downcast.

"She has agreed that I shall punish you severely.  I cannot allow this behaviour to become the norm in this school.  Such behaviour must be clamped down upon."

The fidgeting became more pronounced and one little tear managed to escape down her cheek.

"I propose that you will be slippered."

 She looked up in shock.  Surely not?

"And to ensure that the message gets home to others, I shall do it in front of a specially convened assembly this morning.  You will be slippered in front of the whole school.  Now get out and you will be called when it is time."

How she got through the door she later couldn't remember.  She was in a state of shock.  She had only been at the school a few months, having moved to the area, and so she had no idea that such punishments were meted out.

And in front of the whole school too!  She had only heard of the slipper being used once, in junior school, when a couple of the lads had been sent to the Headmistress for fighting.  They had returned to class red-faced and sat gingerly back in their desks.  Red-faced, and red-cheeked. They showed everyone their marks at breaktime.  Bright glowing, red bottoms.  They told proudly and bravely how they had had to take their pants down, bend over the desk one after the other, watching each other get it, while the Headmistress had given them a mighty six on each cheek, totally bare – twelve in all.  Karen had never considered that girls would be slippered, nor that she would be the one suffering it.  But surely girls wouldn't have to do that pants dropping, would they?  Sixth form girls wouldn't have to bare their bottoms, would they?  Not in front of the whole school.  Would they?

Her friends Sue and Donna approached.

"Well, what's the verdict?"

"I'm going to be slippered."  The tears now were in full flow.  Sue put her arm round her.

"Oh God, that's awful.  But why didn't he just do it there and then?"

"Because he's going to call a special assembly.  He's going to do it in front of everyone."

The two friends gasped.  Their eyes widened and Donna added her arm as support too.

Karen was full of questions.

"How does he… I mean how will I... What does he...?"

Sue blushed a little.

"It's very rare for a girl to be slippered, and I only remember two other times when it was done to a girl in front of everyone.  We have an agreement that we don't mention it in any way afterwards.  It's so embarrassing that it's best not to even think about it.  Just accept it, and we won't mention it.  It's the best way to get through it."

"But – can I just ask?  When he said in front of everyone, he doesn't mean in front of the boys too, does he?  They won't be watching, will they?"  The desperation in her voice was intense.

"Well, I said we don't talk about it, but I suppose you need to know.  Yes, it's in front of the whole school, first form to sixth form.  Girls and boys.  All will be watching.  To be honest the boys like it if it's a girl being slippered.  They like to see the humiliation."

"But how will he...?"

Sue held up her hand.

"No.  It's better not to think about it.  But a word of advice.  When he tells you to take them off, then just do it with as much dignity as you can.  Of course everyone, including the lads, will see, but just maintain your dignity.  Try to keep whatever pride you can."

Karen's worst fears were confirmed.  She remembered the two boys in junior school.  She remembered what she saw, and shook.

The bell rang for lessons to start, and they made their way to class.

Karen's head was in a whirl.  This was far worse than she had expected.  And all the lads would be watching.  Even Johnny Parker.  Well, he was going to have a treat.  Maybe he would be nice to her afterwards, feel sorry for her, maybe even rub it better… No.  Get those thoughts out of your head.  This is going to be awful.

The clock ticked by and at 10:45 the teacher announcer they were all to proceed to the hall, for a "special assembly".

"And Karen – can you go to the Headmaster's office, please"

Her feet felt like lead as she made her way along the corridor.  She did a mental check.  Luckily she had put clean knickers on that day.  Nice bright white ones.  Not that they would be party to the proceedings, if she understood correctly.  Which way would she be facing?  With her face towards the whole school, so everyone would see her expressions and her tears and her anguish, or the other end pointing towards the school, so everyone would see... would see her… would see her bum…?  The idea was of course humiliation, to warn others off, there could only be one answer. Everyone would see everything that went on. Every girl in the school.  Every boy in the school.  They would all clearly see her being punished in a most humiliating manner.  She trembled slightly.

She arived at his office and without a word he gestured for her to follow him to the Hall, and they both entered the back of the stage.  There was a sea of faces, 864 of them, roughly half boys half girls.  Number 865 looked anxiously out at them.  Boys, girls, female teachers, male teachers.  Mr "pervy" Dawson had made sure he got a good view.  He would!  And was that the caretaker right at the back?

The Head signalled she should wait at the side of the stage.

"When I call you to the centre of the stage you will take your position and when I tell you to take them off I shall expect you to do it straightaway.  No delay.  We will get this over as quickly as possible.  Do you understand?"

She nodded, her mind a whirl and numb at the same time.  He strode out to the centre of the stage.

"It is my terrible duty to inform you that a sixth form girl, Karen Lewis, decided to play truant yesterday.  You are all, I hope, aware that this is viewed as one of the most serious offences in this school.  And therefore one which must be dealt with most severely.  Karen Lewis will be slippered in front of you all, as a warning to everybody."

There was a growing hubbub amongst the throng.  Some of the boys shuffled in their seats to get a better view.  At least that could be one reason why they shuffled in their seats.

"Step forward, Lewis."

She walked slowly to the centre of the stage.  All the time her head was full of questions.

How far down should she pull them?  Just enough to expose the target, or down to her knees, or right to her ankles?  He'd said 'take them off'.  Did that mean she had to take them completely off?

Should she hold up her skirt to keep it in place?  Making sure everyone gets a good view.  Oh God!

How far should she bend over?  Just a slight incline, or hands on knees, or touching toes with absolutely everything on show?  Everything!

She stood in front of him.  Feeling every eye on her.  She realised without knowing that she was stood facing him, facing the back of the stage, with her back fully towards the audience.  Was that his plan, or had she subconsciously complied?

"Right, Miss Lewis.  Take... your... shoes... off."  His words were spaced and precise.

Karen paused, puzzled. The Headmaster hissed quietly.

"I told you to do it when told."

She nodded and bent down quickly to unfasten the straps of her shoes, and in doing so her short skirt rode up giving a display to the whole school.  Her clean white pants were fully on show to anyone who cared to look.  And all the boys, and all the male teachers, and the caretaker, all cared to look.  She stood up, her feet clad in just the white knee high socks.

"Mrs Davies."

The deputy Head strode purposefully from the side of the stage, holding a box.

Why is the slipper stored in a ceremonial box?  Karen now was confused.  This really is a formal occasion.  Full of theatre pour encourager les autres.

The Head opened the box and withdrew two bright red slippers, ordinary household slippers.  With white faux-fur and the words "Naughty Girl" emblazoned upon them in gold glittery letters.

"Right.  Put these on."

Confused she bent down to comply, once again giving the whole school, and particularly the boys, and particularly Johnny, another bright white eyeful.

"Right, girl you will wear these for the next two days, so that everyone can see how wicked you have been."

Karen's cheeks glowed red with the embarrassment.  She understood now why no-one ever mentioned it.  Being 'slippered' was an awful punishment for a girl her age.

The humiliation was complete. The shame glowed. The embarrassment severe. She could now see everyone in the school giggling and sniggering, pointing, whispering to each other.

Oh how easy it would have been just to hitch up her skirt, drop her knicks, bend right over, and get six, or even a dozen, of the very best, in front of everyone, with her pert bum on display.  Even on display to the boys.  And the teachers.  Yes, even to the caretaker. That could be lived with, and even maybe laughed at sometime later.  But this?  This was inhumane.

She made a vow she would never, ever, be slippered again.
Not what you expected?
From Hermione's Heart


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Excellent buildup and a nice twist!

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The ending was successful due to the tease of something else happening.

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Ha ha! I was worried!

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I had a feeling on that ending...when I was at school only boys got slippered...and the girls loved It !

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Great story Hermione, not the ending I expected but it works well


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