Monday, November 30, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 29

What do you think about during a spanking, and how does the person wielding the paddle help with focus?

Rosco: Mostly when Irene spanks me it’s for some imaginary offense, related to peeking up girls’ skirts, surreptitiously smelling worn panties or similar forms of puerile behavior. She’s lecturing me all the while and I soak it all in as if it were real. It’s an other-worldly experience in some ways.

Sometimes I’ll also complain or misbehave during a spanking, just to be sure it doesn’t end all too soon.

 Bonnie: I'm sorry to respond, "It depends," but it does depend upon the nature of the spanking and my headspace. For example, if I am getting a fun or sexy spanking, I might be planning my next wisecracking retorts. If Randy is trying to deliver a message, I am more likely to pay attention to his words and the manner in which he punctuates them. There are more shades in between and he sometimes changes the tone midway through. Most of the time, we are in sync, but when we aren't, the results can be pretty funny.

Baxter: I am 99% always the spankee and I am concentrating on the fire that is erupting on my bottom and counting how many spanks I have received. While painful, I also realize I asked for the spanking and trying very hard to soak in the enjoyment of it, as all too soon, it will be over. 

Joe: When my spankings start I am always thankful that my wife is willing to do this for me. As the spanking progresses, if it is a sexy spanking I am fantasizing about different things which we will talk about later. If a hard spanking I am not thinking about anything else. I totally clear my mind.

Roz: It depends for me. At the start of the spanking my focus is on the spanking itself and Rick's words. However, depending on the reason for the spanking, intensity, duration etc my mind may begin to wander.

Prefectdt: At the start of the spanking I am usually focused on the pain and wondering why I do this, as it f(censored)g hurts. Then I become focused on self control, breathing and mentally processing the pain. Then my focus starts to drift and is all over the place and I get locked into being controlled by the spanker and wishing that the spanking will never end.

Jack: I think about just having the spanking over, especially when my mother-in-law is visiting and enjoying seeing me over her daughter's lap.

Barrel: Initially, I try to corral my butterflies to the realization that, yep, I’m about to get spanked. Thereafter, like Perfectdt, I am processing the initial waves of stinging pain, and wondering why I crave this treatment. But then I focus on controlling my breathing being sure not to hold my breath. I, too, count strokes as my wife generally delivers them in groups of 20, so I generally have an idea when I may get a break. This may sound crazy but I try to think about letting the pain in, and trying to relax. With one of our extended sessions where I am secured over the bench at the bottom of our bed, I just process the last stroke and prepare for the next, knowing there will be a lot.

Ronnie: Similar to Bonnie. Depends on the spanking I'm receiving. Fun spankings, I throw in a few funny wisecracks. If a serious spanking, then I have to concentrate on P's words very carefully and make sure I answer his questions.

Hermione: Mostly I think about the pain, if one of the harsher implements is being used. Otherwise, my mind does tend to wander a bit. I can actually mentally play one of my online video games in bits and pieces. More often, I think about the erotic fun that's sure to follow.

That's all for this week. Until next time, stay safe!
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