Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Christmas Memories I

Santa Claus doesn't have much meaning for me, and isn't a part of my Christmas memories.You see, I was never told about Santa. My mother wanted me to know that all the good things under the tree came from her. This was before the age of television, so I wasn't exposed to any jolly old saint stuff. It wasn't until I went to kindergarten and came home asking who Santa was that I found out about the myth. 

My Christmas decorations never included a Santa until I told Ron's son I didn't have any, and he gave me a tiny porcelain one that year. Since then we have acquired two more very nice resin ones that sit on our mantle, and a huge St. Nicholas that our neighbour gave us. (She constantly says thing like "Santa is coming" and "What did Santa bring you?" Cut it out; we are adults.)

Anyway, for those of you who are party to the cult of Santa, here are a few chuckles.

Ho ho ho to you too!

From Hermione's Heart


morningstar said...

Wait wait wait! You don't believe in Santa Claus??!!! What do you mean there's NO Santa Claus??!! (cheeky grin)
Santa was very much a part of my Christmases and I guess still is...... but I think it's more the spirit of Santa Claus that I believe in.... I just wish people could keep that spirit alive all year long.

I loved the Santa cartoons.... made my day... and trust me today I could use a smile... le sigh....

PK said...

My biggest concern with the Santa story comes from watching my students when I taught. Kids would wonder why Santa brought some kids (sometimes really rotten kids) a gaming system, a new bike along with other toys and clothes, but only left them gloves and a little candy. Try explaining that. I wish parents would take the credit for the big things and if they want 'Santa' let him bring the little things.

Roz said...

Hi Hermione, love the chuckles lol

Santa was a part of our Christmas growing up. We used to have pillow cases in our rooms which he would magically fill. (Never did catch him out, though I did catch out the tooth fairy lol). Santa always left small gifts, the big ones were under the tree from mum and dad.



Thanks for the laughs. When I was growing up, we had Farther Christmas, who has steadily morphed into Santa, due to American influences. But in Belgium and The Netherlands there is Sinterklaas, who has avoided corruption by arriving on the 6th of December and beating the other two to the pole. :)