Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Christmas Memories II

Lights are a big part of the Christmas decorations I have had throughout my life. My grandmother had sets of electric candles in all the front windows of her home, and I now have similar sets in our street-facing windows. When I was small, the lights on the tree were quite large, and there were also some very special ones that were bubbling glass tubes. Our lights are tiny now, and blue - my favourite.

Outside we have a lighted sleigh and one reindeer, as well as white lights around two cedars and blue ones framing the bay window. There's also a laser projector that makes green snowflakes dance on the outside of our house.

I love lights, but I don't think I'd appreciate living next door to this house, even though I'm a big Queen fan.

From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Wow, that light show is freakin awesome! Not sure I'd want to live next door either lol

Your display sounds very pretty Hermione. You should show us some pics :) we never really had lights growing up, apart from on the tree.



That video is brilliant :)


morningstar said...

Well contrary to Prefectdt and Roz - I'm not a big fan of flashing multiple Christmas lights.

I enjoyed reading about the lights in and around your home Hermione. and I agree with Roz - you should post some pics of the lights.. I'd love to see them :)

We had candle lights on our tree for years and years! I really loved them. They have been handed down to the girls. Now we have white lights on our tree cause I love the sparkly effect they give...... and lots and lots of candles around the house. I do LOVE the lights of Christmas and miss them so much when we take them down. They seem to brighten up the darkness of the winter.

Anonymous said...

The music reminds me of an amazing occurrence during a seventh-inning stretch at our local Bull's baseball game: a teen-age girl near us was enthusiaticallly dancing and spinning around to a Queen song being blasted over the loudspeaker when, all of the sudden, her perhaps-intoxicated mother grabbed her shorts and pulled them down, exposing her panties. I felt so sorry for the teenager. Doug

ronnie said...

I enjoyed the video but glad they aren't my neighbours. We've never had lights outside. Seems this year more and more people are.


Baxter said...

My parents put electric candles in the windows facing the road. Dad kept doing it after Mom died and enjoyed when people would take him out for a ride so he could see the house lit up, even though he had limited vision due to macular degeneration. Probably the last time that happened would have been 2012 as we moved him to an adult care facility in 2013. Sad but good memories.