Sunday, December 26, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #415

The carols have been sung, the crackers have been pulled, and the turkey leftovers are in the fridge. It's time to relax and discuss this year's festivities.

Did you get any spanking-themed presents this year? Was spanking a part of your celebration, or did it take a back seat to other obligations? 

When you get a chance, please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has had a chance to speak I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

My answer is rather boring I'm afraid. No spanking related gifts and no spanking this year.


Anonymous said...

No spanking gifts. But we will follow through with our spanking tradition of my getting 12 strokes of the switch today. We have a small stand of bamboo in the backyard and I'll walk out naked and cut a long thin flexible green shoot and bring it to HOH for her to lay the 12 evenly spaced raised purple welts on my bare posteriors that will leave me unable to sit for the rest of the year.

Anonymous said...

Prior to going to my mother-in-law for Christmas Dinner, was reminded to behave, no arguments, (my mother-in-law is outspoken), and just for a reminder and to insure I behave was given a spanking, bare bottom, hand only. My wife in the past has spanked me at her mother's, which her mother agrees totally. So I work hard to be on my best behavior. Jack

Unknown said...

No. No time for any of that, and little privacy with a holiday house full of kids returned for Christmas. Even though it is not a huge issue, we are at a point where a little more privacy helps us get in the mood. And my leg is still wrapped from surgery and not fully healed. But it's OK, since I'm not really in the right frame of mind for any of that anyway. Maybe in a week or so?

Anonymous said...

100% vanilla flavored this year...unfortunately!

Anonymous said...

Yes. Irene bought a few things - some light bondage stuff and one of those ridiculous schoolgirl outfits in XL. In our role play, I’m often caught peeking in the girls’ gym or up skirts and part of my punishment is to be dressed as a girl before being spanked. It’s both a turn on for me but also makes me feel really silly, especially when she makes me twirl and look at myself in the mirror.

I haven’t worn it yet. Houseguests leave Tuesday. I’m expecting to be thoroughly thrashed and deliciously humiliated.



Sorry, no spanking related gifts or activities this year. But that is no different from any other Christmas for me.


Anonymous said...

Don't want to see spanking related gifts anywhere. Too private and I'm hand give and take only, so no need for any related "gifts".

Only thing I dreamed (only) about was getting a birthday spanking in mid-December. I know someone I can ask but don't know what to tell her if she asks how old I am. What number do you think should I throw out? (Hermione!!! Anther brunch question?)


Bonnie said...

It's not exactly a gift, but Randy replaced the cuffs on our spanking bench. We had to test them, of course, and the new ones are definitely more comfortable!

Barrel said...

Oh, I only wish, but nope. Travel to see/care for family this year resulted in a non-Christmas for the two of us. Our desire and resolve will prevail…next year…which is only 5 days away!!!


WendelJones said...

Hi Hermione,
No spanking related gifts this year. We did do “spanking under the mistletoe” and our back seats glowed like Rudolph’s nose.
Merry Christmas to all.


ronnie said...

No spanking related gifts and no spankings but I'm sure once we have the house to ourselves I'll get one:)


Fondles said...

BIKSS and spankings are pretty much the last things on my mind at Christmastime. For two years now I've had to deal with the Christmas eve dinner from hell at the sister's house. (Covid restrictions have made it impossible for me to host like I usually do - since her family is the largest, we all go there instead cos there's a limit on how many people can visit etc etc.)

The only way I recover from the nightmare is to host a small group of my nearest and dearest girlfriends the weekend after - usually to decompress and for everyone to grumble about all the horrible obligatory dinners / lunches with family we'd rather not spend time with.

Mark said...

No spanking gifts unfortunately. We have the kids home and so I had no expectations of any spanking, however a couple of days before Christmas my wife ordered me to the bedroom and told me to bend over (with the kids immediately upstairs). She gave me a couple of very sharp cracks with the new paddle and warned that there is more coming...

Enzo said...

No activities pre or day of Christmas. It was an extra quiet holiday. I did however gift myself some new wooden instruments - a brush, a bath brush, and a small paddle. Looking forward to using them soon.