Friday, December 31, 2021

So Long, Farewell!

I've certainly had enough of 2021. It wasn't any better than 2020; in fact, it was worse. Let's hope 2022 sees an end to COVID (although I wouldn't count on it) and more harmonious relations among our warring factions friends south of the border (I wouldn't count on that either).

I'm not a happy camper at the moment. Neither of the two games I play daily on my iPad are working. Due to recent updates, one does not work at all and the other crashes after 1-2 minutes of play. Tech support ranges from sympathetic (we're working on it) to silent (developers are on holiday). I'm having to fill in my game time with things like housework and reading one of the many unread books in our library. The puppy is delighted with all the attention he gets from me, so it's not all bad.

Our New Year's Eve celebration will be cheese fondue with bread and ham cubes and lightly-steamed broccoli and cauliflower. Then we'll watch some National Lampoon movies I recorded last week, and toast the new year with prosecco.

See you all next year for a very special brunch.

From Hermione's Heart


morningstar said...

Let's have a Happy New year - how about a good new year? how about we just try surviving this new year...... (grinning)

I would be SO bitchy if my A.M. game wasn't working...... even coffee couldn't fix how bitchy I would be - so you have my heartfelt sympathies..

Baxter said...

The years seem to be getting worse, but my wife and I are retired and enjoying life. I am looking forward to next year and more camping and of course spanking.

Happy New Year Hermione. Thank you for an entertaining blog and I hope you get the spankings you want next year.


ronnie said...

Hermione, Like you, I'll be glad when this year is over.

Love and best wishes to you and Ron for a happy and healthy 2022,


WendelJones said...

Happy New Year Hermione!
The Misses and I did get to go on a couple vacations this year so I guess it was not horrible. Still I will be glad to see this year go. We are going to ring in the New Year with the paddle. 22 firm whacks each at midnight. Maybe this will be the start of a new tradition – “The Paddle Drop”.
Hopefully knowing that your blog puts a smile on the faces of countless people cheers you up.

Erica Scott said...

Happy New Year, Hermione. I hope you and Ron have a wonderful 2022. Yeah... don't count on things getting better in the U.S. Just be damned glad you're not here! (sigh) ♥

Unknown said...

Happy New Year, Hermione. While I don't think a calendar-based holiday will change anything, it IS an excuse for some fun.....and THAT is never a bad thing.

PK said...

I feel your pain of not having your games working - but please don't let your game time become -housework! At least stick with reading, napping or playing with the puppy. I'd love to see all your New Year's wishes come true!


Happy New Year and fingers crossed for 2022. You never know.


Roz said...

Happy New Year to you and Ron Hermione, let's hope it's a better one! Though unfortunately, I don't think this damn virus is going anywhere soon.


Fondles said...

Happy 2022 to you and Ron. Your dinner actually sounds perfect. I like nothing more than steamed veggies... warm and comforting. As long as there is no "miracle" breakthrough, this damned virus isn't going to go away, methinks. So hopefully someone invents something! We can pray!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Hermione and Ron. Seems to me you need that grumpiness spanked away as soon as possible. We are alive, our partner is alive, we have a roof over our head, and food to eat! Guess it is time to count our blessings!. We miss cruising, traveling to new places, wandering in nature in different parts of the world, swimming in the ocean, watching women in thongs walk by, dancing on cruise ships, but our family is well, and fully vaccinated and boosted if old enough. If you read this today, do ask Ron for your first spanking of the year, and that he should make it something quite memorable.
bottoms up