Thursday, January 13, 2022

Dumb is Forever

It's amazing how stupid some people can be.

From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

LoL Hermione, love the Judge Judy quote. These are hilarious, I think the urinal and Titanic ones are my favourites. Thanks for the giggles:)


PK said...

You guys think the Titanic really happened? Wow, who knew? LOL! These are really great.

Baxter said...

Wander through comments on Facebook and YouTube and you will see that ignorance is rampant on a variety of subjects.

Erica Scott said...

Yes. Really, really, REALLY stupid people out there.
I'll bet we even know some of them. (rolling eyes)

WendelJones said...

Hilarious! “You can’t fix stupid”

Unknown said...

In fairness, while rampant stupidity IS indeed as pervasive as Covid, I should point out that there is a type of texting/internet humor style out there now where people..... who actually DO know better .......will intentionally write things like these. The reason I know this is that my stepson, Osito, does this all of the time and is constantly sharing what he has contributed to this comic form as well as showing me what others are doing.

I know I've seen a lot of stuff like this from "Deepa", who I think is a hard core pioneer of this style. So, while it is easy to assume stupidity, especially when engaged in political conversation, LOL, I would caution that the Titanic example, or hand socks, and quite probably also the urinal, are all actually jokes and not true examples of what these people think. (Which might leave us a bit relieved)

morningstar said...

loved all of them - especially seeing my days seem to be filled with stupid people these days...... le sigh.

ronnie said...

Hermione, these are funny. Thanks for the laugh.