Monday, January 3, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 2

What is your favourite brunch topic from the past?

Bonnie: Congratulations, Hermione, and thank you for doubling our brunch tradition. My favorite brunches were those that generated a lot of back and forth discussion and the prompt was merely a starting point. One I particularly like was Terps' question, "Do regular spankings satisfy a craving or merely heighten it? back in 2008. 

Roz: Congratulations Bonnie and Hermione for bringing us this wonderful cornerstone of our little corner of blogland for so long and thank you. Wow, 2006!

Hard to pick a favourite topic but I enjoyed the fun topics that generated a lot of discussion, such as favourite/least favourite implements, fantasy place to be spanked etc.

Jack: The topics that related to places that spankings took place, either for fun or punishment. 

KDPierre: I like any topic that requires a significant degree of self-examination or analysis rather than just recalling a memory or looking in one's closet or drawer. (And the deeper and more controversial the better!) 

Prefectdt: I have taken part in so many of your and Bonnie's brunches that I cannot remember them all, let alone choose between them, sorry.

I think that the ones I like the most are the ones that I write about least, because they are outside my experiences. These are the ones where I return, usually on the Sunday and then again, for the recap. These are the ones where I want to read what other people have written. This way I can find out more about areas that are lacking in my knowledge range. It's always nice to learn things from those who have been there, seen it, done it.

Barrel: I’m a relative newbie as I’ve only been at the brunch table for about 3 years, so my context is limited compared to others. However, I especially liked Hermione’s request for suggested topics a few months ago and the response was, IMO, broad and rather juicy. I learn from all of you and look forward to more exchanges. But the 35 responses to Bonnie’s question 13 years ago was amazing.

Congrats on a new record every week and thank you for doing this.

Hermione: When Bonnie used to publish her brunch post on Sunday morning, I always got up early, eager to see what it might be. When she switched to late on Saturday, I would creep out of bed, grab my BlackBerry, and check to see if the post was up. Brunches were always the highlight of my week. The topics I like beat are the creative ones, where readers use their imaginations to create a scene or location. Some of those are the International Spanking Museum, the Midsummer Spanking Festival, the spanking Olympics and spanking rooms.

Let's see if I can double my record. See you all next week!

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