Sunday, January 2, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #416

Happy New Year to you all, and welcome to a very special brunch. In 2006, my dear friend and mentor Bonnie started off the new year by hosting the first spanko brunch. Thus started the weekly tradition that continued for years. When Bonnie temporarily retired her blog, she had presided over 415 brunches. I then took over as hostess, and I can modestly say that today, I have surpassed her record. Who knew that between us, we could come up with 830 topics related to spanking?

What is your all-time favourite brunch topic, and why do you like it? 

It might take you a while to refresh your memory of all 830 topics, but when you're ready, leave your response as a comment. I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart


Bonnie said...

Congratulations, Hermione, and thank you for doubling our brunch tradition. My favorite brunches were those that generated a lot of back and forth discussion and the prompt was merely a starting point. One I particularly like was Terps' question, "Do regular spankings satisfy a craving or merely heighten it? back in 2008.

Roz said...

Congratulations Bonnie and Hermione for bringing us this wonderful cornerstone of our little corner of blogland for so long and thank you. Wow, 2006!

Hard to pick a favourite topic but I enjoyed the fun topics that generated a lot of discussion, such as favourite/least favourite implements, fantasy place to be spanked etc.


Anonymous said...

The topics that related to places that spankings took place, either for fun or punishment. Jack

Unknown said...

I like any topic that requires a significant degree of self-examination or analysis rather than just recalling a memory or looking in one's closet or drawer. (And the deeper and more controversial the better!)


I have taken part in so many of your and Bonnie's brunches that I cannot remember them all, let alone choose between them, sorry.

I think that the ones I like the most are the ones that I write about least, because they are outside my experiences. These are the ones where I return, usually on the Sunday and then again, for the recap. These are the ones where I want to read what other people have written. This way I can find out more about areas that are lacking in my knowledge range. It's always nice to learn things from those who have been there, seen it, done it.


Barrel said...

I’m a relative newbie as I’ve only been at the brunch table for about 3 years, so my context is limited compared to others. However, I especially liked Hermione’s request for suggested topics a few months ago and the response was, IMO, broad and rather juicy. I learn from all of you and look forward to more exchanges. But the 35 responses to Bonnie’s question 13 years ago was amazing.

Congrats on a new record every week and thank you for doing this.


ronnie said...

Hermione, congratulations,

I've participated in lots of brunches and to be honest, I can't say I have a favourite. I enjoy all the brunches.