Thursday, January 20, 2022

Going Shopping

The recent snowstorm and subsequent cleanup caused me to postpone my usual weekly shopping trip. I always phone my next-door neighbour to see if she needs anything before I go. She doesn't drive, and her usual weekend shopping trips with a friend were cancelled because of the pandemic. Another neighbour and I help her out whenever we can. But for the most part, the things on her list are the sale items she sees in the weekly flyers, not staples or necessities. I've bought her two tubs of ice cream three weeks in a row because it was on sale! Sometimes she doesn't care for the store I am planning to go to (I alternate between two stores) because something is on sale at a better price somewhere else. Too bad!

Yesterday I phoned her to let her know I was okay to travel today, and was there anything I could get for her while I was out? But no, I was too early, She hadn't received her weekly flyers and had to check them first. Oh. Well, was there something she needed, whether it was on sale or not? No.

This lady knows what time I always leave the house to shop, and I predict she'll phone two minutes before I'm scheduled to leave, with her list. She's done it before. 

But that's enough complaining. Here are some items spotted on previous supermarket forays.


I'll take two dozen of the masked cookies!

From Hermione's Heart


Unknown said...

Do what you feel is appropriate with the neighbor, but stand firm on not being taken advantage of. People like her can get pushy and they only learn if their BS stops working.

morningstar said...

You ARE a good neighbour.... but I do understand having to put up some boundaries..... we old ladies can be annoying (cheeky grin)

OHHHHHHH while you're out - can you pick me up one of those crunchy salads?? please!


I think that I prefer my doughnuts, on the bone. :)


ronnie said...

Really good of you to help your neighbour. I love the cookies.


Roz said...

LoL Hermione, I'll have some of the crunchy vegetable salad and cookies please. You are such a good neighbour. Don't let give you the run around though.


Bernie said...

Someone really deserves a spanking. Let's find a volunteer to go over and apply it on your behalf.

Anonymous said...

The missing fact is her financial situation! Buying ice cream on sale in winter seems to imply thrift at it's worst! Suggest, assuming she has a computer, that she look online at each major chain advertisements, so as to be ready for you to help her.
If she is financially stretched, you should be spanked for not being patient.
If she is not financially stretched, you should be spanked for being such a nice neighbor, as a reward.
Seems a win win scenario to me.
Loved the humor
bottoms up