Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 18

Have you had a punishment spanking that changed your behaviour?

Jean Marie: I've fallen in love with a marvelous man. More than anything else, I love how we match-up, we both share a strong sex drive, so ever since we met, I've been a well-taken-care-of little submissive. As I imagine is the case for other D/s couples, our play centered around made-up scenarios.
But about a month ago, I made a serious mistake. (Thank you for the permission, Hermione; I won't go into detail!) But my lover informed me that I had to learn an important lesson from my error, and he took me over is knee and paddled me with the dreaded hairbrush for three separate, lengthy sets. Both the pain of the punishment and my guilt brought me to tears. It really brought me up short! It was all suddenly very real! The make-up sex was phenomenal, the resulting bruises were amazing; the whole thing brought us together for an even stronger bond. Spankings work!

KDPierre: Rosa and I are a mix of play and genuine behavior modification. So,"yes", I have changed certain behaviors due to them being addressed with punishment. I will say though that minor habits are much more easily changed than ingrained annoying traits, so anyone looking to use DD to change a person's deep-seated flaws or weaknesses is in for disappointment. What we have found is that in the case of traits or flaws that are so ingrained that they are unlikely to change, spanking as discipline does wonders for giving an aggrieved Top an outlet for their annoyance or frustration even if that same behavior or trait is likely to be repeated at some point in the future.

Even in the case of my other disciplinarian, Nickki, she has managed to quite effectively stop me from one simple male habit in her home via spanking, but still has to deal with me annoying her with traits that pretty much define who I am, and consequently uses spanking much as Rosa does: an outlet, not a cure. 

Roz: I remember one particular incident where Rick was away and my plans involved having to drive a notorious stretch of road and return after dark. For some reason I failed to let Rick know once I was home safe which led to him being beside himself worrying whether I was ok.

This resulted in a spanking that suddenly felt very real, accompanied by his words etc and I felt so bad. I have made sure ever since in similar circumstances to let him know I am home safe. We found out the next morning there had been a serious crash on that road that night.

Wendel: I have given the Misses countless spankings trying to get her to stop overspending on silly things. Nothing has changed. I think she just likes getting spanked for doing it. 

Anon 1: Does self spankings count? I gave myself a good spanking with a wooden paddle once when I acted inappropriately at a charity function. I thought it worked but then I did the same thing again. So no. 

Rosco: Once in a while Irene will spank me then send me off to do errands or instruct me to wash her panties and other lingerie. Her spanking are intense, but not serious- if we have serious issues we have a serious discussion.

Simon: No of course not, I both give and receive punishment purely for enjoyment so whilst I may pretend to have been naughty or indeed that the lady has misbehaved that's all it is, fantasy. 

Fred Bloggs: If I was younger and healthier I would join the queue to pay my respects to Queen Elizabeth II. I only live a few miles from central London. The joys of getting older.

I don't think that being spanked has ever changed my behavior, spanking has never been that sort of activity for me. 

Fondles: Just wanted to say that as a once-British colony many of us have fond memories of the late Queen's visits to our shores when she (and we) were much younger. It's so heartwarming to see so many people wanting to pay their final respects. 

Anon 2: Yes, corporal punishment from wife HoH with the razor strap is extremely effective at putting an end to undesirable behavior or habits. I'm usually walking stiffly and sitting on pillows for days when she's serious about solving a problem. 

Alice: Some of us in the UK are a bit bemused by it all, and rather resent being told how we are supposed to be feeling and thinking by the media and the establishment!

I don't think corporal behaviour would change behaviour unless the person being punished wants it to. Anything else seems a bit unhealthy.It can provide accountability which some of us find helpful when we are wanting to alter our behaviour in some way.

I have a tendency to wallow in guilt if I feel bad about something I've done, and it has helped me to let go of that. I've acknowledged what I've done and accepted punishment ....it's over.

Wendy: I’ve actually been experimenting with this some relating to diet and weight loss. My current program is that I have weekly check-ins (with my husband) and I get spanked 1 stroke with the dreaded plastic bath brush for every 1/10 pound I am over a threshold weight (usually 7-8 lbs, so 70-80 strokes). This is after a hand spanking warmup. I also have some (not very strict) diet rules for myself. If I have broken any of those, I get 3 cold (rattan) cane strokes per violation *before* the warmup and bath brush. I haven’t done very well on the weight loss (although I haven’t gained much either), but I sure do think twice before doing something that will earn me the cane. I can handle the cane itself, but the bath brush on top of a freshly canned bottom is tough! So I tend not to commit any violations, or at most one per week.

Bonnie: In terms of correction, possibly, but not for long. In terms of mood elevation and refocus, yes, absolutely. 

Prefectdt: I have had some spankings that were supposed to be punishment spankings. But in my head they turned into a form of play with an interesting twist to it. Perhaps if I had ever had a regular partner, who could monitor me and follow up with the rules and punishment, I would think differently, but at the moment, spankings as a punishment do not work for me.

A.J.: A real spanking? To change my behavior? Nope!

Turns out I'm one heck of a terrific guy! Who would want to change that????

I also don't believe in punishment spankings. Prefer long-lasting guilt trips.

Graham: Mostly we spank for fun, variation and excitement. But, yes, a couple times I was spanked for annoying behavior, and it did make me more aware at least for several months.

Hermione: Like Simon, our spankings are for enjoyment only. Any punishment I might receive is all in my head.

May our beloved Queen rest in peace and rise in glory.

From Hermione's Heart


Rich Person said...

Just a thank-you for your answers. Quite a variety, which is one of the wonderful things about spanking.

Anonymous said...

My gf at the time, now my wife notice habits, attitude that needed to be addressed and knew it was because of these that relationships never lasted. The first adult spanking was masturbating looking at F/m magazines, since my relationships were not lasting. She caught me naked in the bathroom on the toilet, doing it. She dropped in when I was not expecting. I learned then and there she was different, I was soon over her lap, feeling the sting of her hand then her hairbrush, faced the wall. I gave her all my magazines, and from that day on she said all I needed was a strong woman, a 'Mommy' and that she was that woman. My bottom has been spanked many times since then, the bath brush her choice. Being a male, and accepting that the woman knows best, I have improved, more needed. Jack