Monday, September 26, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 25

What do you like about spanking? Let's find out.

Jean Marie: I'm intimidated by the breadth of this question. It's akin to "what do you like about the sea?" My thoughts are just that vast.
My first thought was to say the only thing I DON'T like about spanking is the pain, but even that isn't entirely true. Sometimes I need the pain, too.
From the baring to the sharing, from the humiliation to the heated results, from the rituals to the repeated familiarity, from the bottom-focus to the bruises, I LOVE it all!
Part of it is that being a spanko marks me as unusual, as someone outside the confines of vanilla, as an outlaw in my otherwise law-abiding life.
What I "like" about spanking doesn't address the matter; it really is a matter of deep, abiding passion! I could say volumes, but I think I'd be preaching to the choir.

Bonnie: This is a broad question, but I took a shot at a response on my blog.

Brett: My favorite thing about spanking is not liking it.

Mark: Definitely a big question. During a spanking I am super alive, alert and aware. Makes ordinary life feel a little dull by comparison. The fear and pain are intoxicating.
I feel really close to my wife during and after the spanking and definitely aroused.
When not receiving a spanking I am very often thinking about the next or the last!
As often observed, it always hurts a lot more than I remember or think that it is going to. This however is what gives rise to all of the above.

Rosco: Ultimately it’s relaxing. You’re giving up physical and emotional control, allowing your sexuality to thrive unimpeded.

Roz: Wow, this is such a broad question. There are so many things. The intimacy, the connection, the sexuality, the rituals and the little secret just between us. I could probably add a lot more.

Prefectdt: List time.

1/The anticipation and sense of adventure, when I am on my way to getting a spanking.
2/The feeling of accomplishment, when I have got through the first part of a spanking, when it just hurts, before the magic starts happening.
3/being the centre of someone else's undivided attention.
4/The chemical high that your body gives you.
5/the feeling you get when you are walking around with a freshly spanked bottom.

And I have missed some stuff, but it's a big question.

Fred Bloggs: It's not so much the spanking but the anticipation of being spanked.
Afterwards the high from endorphins and of course the marks on by bottom.
There is also something about the sting of a cane.

Spanky53: Quite simply put for me, what I like about spanking is that it is the singular most connective, vulnerable, intimate and sensual way for me to engage a woman that doesn't involve sex.

Anon: Wow, great question. Why don't you ask why I like breathing. My answer is I don't like spanking I love it. I love everything about it. I think about spanking constantly. I am obsessed with it. If I am able to I love making spanking implements in my workshop. I love the lecturing, scolding, the naughty feeling of being over someone's knee getting my bare bottom spanked. I love the feeling of stress relief it gives me. I love birthday spankings and seeing if I can sneak in a couple of smacks that way. I love the fun of funishments being scolded and spanked for not cutting the carrots the right way or something else equally silly. Then being sent to the corner to think about what I have done while risking a quick rub and being back over their knee so they can relight the fire. I love being fully clothed but having my backside exposed. I love the trigger phrase like "you are a naughty boy" "when I am done you won't want to sit down for a week" "naughty boys get spanked on their bare bottoms" "go fetch me that paddle you made." I could go on and on. 

Barrel: All of the answers so far are spot on, certainly a reflection of the experience and passion we all share for being spanked. I can’t add any more to what has been shared. But the top two things I like the most are a lengthy build up, sometimes lasting a week, and the total release of tension that comes with the earned endorphins.

Wendy: I like spankings because they turn me on. I love the way they feel both during and afterwards. I love anything that involves my butt, which is my sexual focal point. I also love the idea of punishment spanking and the ritual that should accompany it. Spankings “just for fun” may feel the same in theory, but my body (including, of course, my brain) does not respond the same way. 

Hermione: I can relate to all the reasons given. For me personally, I like spanking because it fulfils my deepest fantasies. Spanking is what turns me on; it's the only thing that does.

Glory to Ukraine

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Anonymous said...

I like spankings because it pleases my partner and she keeps me in line.
Whenever I do something that she does not approve of, she simply states punishment position and I immediately make sure I am with my nose in the corner wearing my female punishment panties.
She then calls me over and boy, do I get spanked, usually hand/hairbrush/leather strap.
She shows no mercy and I cry a lot, when done I hve to orally please her and can’t sit for a day or two.
But to be honest, the next week or so I am on my best behavior and that pleases her and me.