Friday, August 5, 2011

Dat Old Time Ass

This ad is promoting the health benefits of yeast as a way to enhance your figure. Makes sense. You eat the yeast, it rises, your bum puffs up.

Let's all go buy some today!

From Hermione's Heart


Mikki said...

I'm afraid I don't need yeast as my buns have already risen!! LOL Cute post! Have a great day!

findingsara said...

Oh geez, my nether regions need no help...but thanks anyway! :) Enjoy your weekend!

ronnie said...

LOL Hermione very good. Thanks for the laugh.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Red said...

LOL. The problem today is too many people that are vastly overweight...

Hermione said...

Mikki - You're self-rising! Welcome to my blog.

Sara - Most of us don't need this medical miracle.

Ronnie - It's funny now, but think of the people who took it seriously.

Red - How times and perceptions have changed.


Anonymous said...

It does work - best taken in the form of Beer though!

Erica said...

What if the yeast doesn't go to your butt? I predict a lot of ER visits with bizarre protuberances.

(shaking head) I don't know what's worse -- the ad itself, or the fact that a bunch of fools actually bought this stuff.


I always wondered what people used to do before the invention of McDonald's.


sixofthebest said...

All I wish is a naughty lass, to have voluptous 'ass' pardon the expression, encased in a garter-belt and stockings. That brings joy to the world.

Hermione said...

Wordsmith - Beer bellies are proof of that.

Erica - If they saw it advertised, it must be true:)

Prefectdt - Probably just as tasty as a Big Mac.

Six - It does indeed.


Lea said...

Very funny. Though when gaining weight it never goes where you want it to go, even if this did work. Losing weight? There goes your boobs. Gaining? Hello, stomach pudge.

Anonymous said...

Boy have times changed. LOL


Daisychain said...

LOL, so its because I eat bread that I have such a huge bottom??? xxx