Monday, August 1, 2011

From the Top Shelf - The Invitation

"The Invitation" by Lacy Danes is from Naughty Bits, an anthology of erotic fiction. It is a story written in true bondage and discipline style. I've selected the bits I liked best for your enjoyment.


A hike is something I have always enjoyed and a scene in the woods something I relish. My pussy throbs as images of you handcuffing my arms around a tree and f***ing my ass flood my thoughts. Yum.


My pussy quivers remembering the last time I walked this path. Remembering you used your new crop on me, then f***ed me as I trembled, floating in a euphoric haze looking out at the serene lake.


I come to the small clearing, the tree where we were caught with our pants down. I grin, wanting to relive that moment, to stay cuffed to the tree as the woman passed instead of you uncuffing me before she could see us. A small giggle bursts from my lips. God, I love to be watched, is a thrill like no other.


Your mouth quirks up as I reach your side. "Greet me properly."

My lips curl into a smile. "Yes, Master."

...You grasp my chin... "Stand."

...The unyielding grip of your fingers on my jawbone washes through me and I tremble. Even the lightest touch from you on my skin makes me shake but when you firmly grasp me, my vision hazes and I begin to float in the euphoric bliss that goes back ages in time. Dominant man in control of his spirited woman. I stand without hesitation, my eyes clouded with nothing but the vision of pleasing you. Of giving you all my power to do with as you wish.


You walk me to the trees. There your fingers wrap my palm and you raise my arm, placing a fur-lined cuff about my wrist. The cuff is attached to the tree by rope. You do the same with my other hand, smiling a very devious smile. God, I love that smile. It is the smile that inhabits my every dream, my every memory of us. I tug my arms to see if I have any room for escape. The cuffs dig into the base of my hand but don't slip over.

"No escape."

"Yes, Master. You know me, I had to check." I grin at you.

You laugh as a blindfold emerges from your pocket and you slip it over my head. The soft fur underlining slides down my forehead and the last thing I see is your lips grinning at me.

Oh dear...what do you have planned?


Your footfalls sound and I sag slightly on my arms allowing the rope and cuffs to support me. Your voice calls from behind me, not far, but not close. "Arch your back and display your ass to me."

I hear the rustling of tree leaves as I widen my stance and thrust my ass back in the direction of your voice.



"This will do quite nicely." Your tone holds a note of humor. What this is I have little time to consider.


A long thin switch cuts across my buttocks, hard. I suck in a startled breath and tense my body, readying for the next blow.


The rough wood cuts across the backs of my thighs. I cry out, half-startled, half from the pain. Tears spring to my eyes, my lungs tighten, and my shoulders press up to my ears as prickling heat radiates up my body to the core of me.

"Yes, indeed. Quite well. Don't you agree, my sweet?"

Heated arousal washes over me at the tone of your voice and I begin to relax. The muscles of my shoulders sag, and all the air flows out of me. "Indeed, Master."

The switch hits again, this time more gentle. The tip taps and taps my buttocks and thighs, slowly increasing in intensity and frequency. Warming my skin, readying my muscles for the more intense strokes I know will follow.

I pull on my hands. I twist against the leather cuffs that restrain me and stomp my feet. The hits get harder and closer together and I cry out.

"Indeed. Take a deep breath and breathe, my love." You pull in a sharp lungful of air and I know before the sound of the switch cuts through the air this will be a harsh one. I tense, readying for the heat and pain.


The switch harshly caresses my ass.

I inhale through clenched teeth, and slip...slip into that state I so crave. My muscles liquify and peaceful calm washes over me. I stand absolutely still and quiet as a shy child, hanging in the blissful haze as the leather cuffs and rope hold me.


I rock and sway to each knee-weakening hit.

You stop. I hear your heavy breathing behind me. Your fingertip gently traces a welt on my ass. I lift my head just a fraction then drop it back down. Your footfalls on the dirt indicate you are coming around to the front of me. The warmth of your breath caresses my ear.

"How are you doing, my love?"

I lick my lips and swallow. "Quite well, Master."

"Exactly what I wanted to hear."

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Great story. Thanks.

Meow said...

The forests where we hike are mostly evergreens - no good switches - damn! This sounds like a great idea. Thanks for the excerpt.

ronnie said...

I can see why you liked this Hermione. That would be a perfect afternoon for me as I've always wanted to be spanked in the woods. I'll have to pass this one to P.

Thanks Hermione.


Hermione said...

Joey - My pleasrue. I have a good one lined up for next week.

Meow - Too bad, although the smell of pine woods is lovely!

Ronnie - Imagine all that time alone in the woods, and no other hikers to disturb them. Obviously fiction!


Daisychain said...

I enjoyed those excerpts, Hermione, thanks! xxx

Hermione said...

Daisy - I'm pleased you liked it.


Red said...

Hot... You definitely are an avid reader... thanks for sharing