Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Silly Spellchecker

I type many of my posts on my BlackBerry. It's a convenient way to capture an idea as it occurs,  or record a news item from the paper that has in some way inspired a spanking thought. But I never realized that the built-in spellchecker function doesn't seem to recognize the word "spankings". The singular form is fine. But put an "s" on the end (who has just one spanking?) and it underlines the word, flagging it as an error.

What are the suggested corrections? There are two: span king (the former nom de plume of a spanking blogger) and the singular form - spanking.

I did some research by typing other discipline-related words, and here's what my little gadget suggests as replacements:

Spanker  (spanner or spanked)

Spanko (spank or spanks)

Spankee (spanked)

Spankophile (spaniels, Spanish, spanning, spangled)

OTK (ok, irk,  oak,  OT, OTC)

TTWD (tied, tad, toad, Todd)

Silly spellchecker. I need to figure out how to make some additions to the custom dictionary.

From Hermione's Heart


Meow said...

I've run into some problems with my spellcheck, too. I'd like to teach it to recognize some terms I use frequently, but then they might show up if someone else uses my computer. (Our kids sometimes check their email when they visit.) For now, I put up with it. Funny post!

Hermione said...

Meow - I like to be able to type in just the first few letters of a longer word and have the rest appear magically, but unless they're vanilla words, it isn't safe if you share a computer.


kiwigirliegirl said...

interesting - ill have to check it out and see what my puter comes up with.... lol

Red said...

another reason for me not to have a cell phone or any of that new fangled contraptions... :) just old-fashioned spankings

Daisychain said...

I don't use a spellcheck. My eyes tell me if a word is wrong. Occasionally though, I forget to proof read my work if I am in a hurry! xxx

Lea said...

Have you ever seen that website "Damn You Auto-correct!" People post all kinds of funny typos from their text messages. I think it'd be a good cover, if I accidentally text the wrong person the wrong content (having Mr so-and-so right below Mom in the phone book could prove problematic). I'd just say "what? Spanking? Ha, my phone has gone crazy. I was talking about my friends cocker spaniel. Yeah..."

ronnie said...

I use my phone for same thing but rarely use the spellchecker. The spellchecker annoys me.


Hermione said...

Kiwigirliegirl - Let us know what you find out.

Red - It's safer that way.

Daisy - I'm not sure how to turn off spellcheck, so I'm stuck with it.

Lea - Yes, PK sent me the link yesterday. Hysterical!

Ronnie - It can be annoying, but I ignore it. It's worse on the iPad, because you can't stop the corrections from happening.