Monday, August 8, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for August 7

This week we explored how olfactory sensations have a connection with spanking. Here are your thoughts.

Mindset: I like the smell of leather. His belt. Then it around my neck as he takes me.

Yes, leather.

Faerie:  Gasoline, weird huh? My hubby works with cars so he often smells of gasoline and after all the years we've been together I can't smell it without thinking of him. Makes for interesting times putting gas in the car.

Ronnie: The smell of roses Hermione. Reminds me of the time P bought me some, two bunches in fact, one of which went in a vase and the other was used for my birthday spanking. Very memorable.

Daisychain: What an unusual question! No, unfortunately not. In truth, my spankings are so few and far between, there is no specific routine, smell, ritual yet. Thanks for hosting, Hermione! xxx

MarQe: Difficult one ?!! Leather is the obvious choice I guess & I have an old pine butter pat that I use as a paddle that as a definite aroma due to its age.
I guess I don't use my nose too much when I'm spanking a naughty girl! I'll be sure to try next time !! Thanks Hermione !!

Make Mine Red: I would also have to say leather. Leather belts, leather straps, leather paddles. I like leather, including its smell.

Mikki: Hi... thanks for the invite, nice lady! This is my very first Brunch! I guess I'd have to say my husband's cologne, not because he is the one who would be spanking me, but because when I'm being spanked, I'm usually face down bottom up on his side of our bed. Brings back wonderful memories when he's getting ready in the mornings!

Welcome, Mikki!

Lea: Interesting question. If someone wears a particular cologne or something, I usually notice that and it will remind me of the spanking at a later time when noticing that scent. But it's not something that is always present.

Certain implements, especially when new, have a scent as well, whether it be leather or wood lacquer. I guess I should just be thankful that no bad smells come to mind in thinking about my past spanking experiences, lol.

Dieseldiva: Pine Sol. LOL! Mine always take place in our basement and that's what we mop with. Since my head is close to the floor.... Probably one of the few folks that gets excited in the cleaner aisle. :)

Michael M: My wife and I have separate bathrooms. She has sole use of the en-suite and I use the guest room. The perfumes and oils in her room are definitely associated with spankings, as I go in there for only two reasons.

The first is to clean it, as this is one of my weekly chores. The second is to collect the bathbrush from its hook in the shower when it is about to be used on my bottom.

Prefectdt: An old memory but a fond one of wooden floor polish. This reminds me of a playmate, from a while ago, who was very particular about two things. Firstly that her solid wood flooring was properly and regularly maintained and secondly that her spankees where always bent over as far as they could go, so that the skin of the bottom was stretched as tight as it could be, resulting in my nose never being more than a few inches from the floor, when taking some. Strangely I have always appreciated a well cared for floor (whatever it is made of), to look at whilst being spanked, since then.

Baby Girl: Since I am STILL a spanking virgin, I can't really offer an informed opinion, so I'll just say I am really interesting in the feeling of hand on skin for my first -- which I am hoping will be a good old fashioned OTK.

Welcome, Baby Girl. I hope it happens soon!

Michelle Carlyle: Mindset has it right. Leather, leather, leather. Sometimes wood of the paddle, but mostly mmmmmm leather turns me on. And his cologne. And the smell of sex in the room afterwards. That man/cologne/sex smell. Lovely.

Joey: I love the look and smell of wood. I helped my dad in his cabinet shop so I grew up cutting, sanding and polishing pine, birch and oak.

Hermione: I always wear a certain perfume on the day I know I'll be spanked. I put some on first thing in the morning, and the scent helps build the anticipation throughout the day. Just before it's time, I spray on a little more all over, and when the paddle connects with my bottom, I inhale the fragrance.

Thank you all for making the detour here for brunch. It's always a pleasure to prepare something special for you. Bonnie will be back next week.

From Hermione's Heart


ronnie said...

Thanks for standing in Hermione.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading the answers!


kiwigirliegirl said...

some very interesting answers - so far no aroma yet reminds me of a spanking - but i will confess that a sip of whiskey can conjour up some old memories from a long time ago of spankings when I was first spanked...

Hermione said...

Thank you all for stopping by and helping me with the dishes. That was a very successful brunch!