Wednesday, August 10, 2011

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Ron is a very kind and generous man, but he rarely gives me flowers. His reasoning is simple: why cut flowers just to watch them wilt and die when you can enjoy them growing outside (for a few months of the year, anyway.) So imagine my surprise when, late one afternoon, he walked in the back door and presented me with a single daisy.

The weather here has been excruciatingly hot and very dry, and our front lawn is brown and parched. The only spots of green are the weeds that thrive in all conditions. Numerous daisies had popped up all over the brown expanse, and Ron picked one for me as a means of weed eradication.

Still, a flower is a flower. I beamed at him, thanked him profusely, and hugged him tightly before I hurried to the cupboard for a vase.

"It was only a joke," Ron protested as I filled the vase with water. 'You don't have to do that."

"Yes I do," I replied, and plopped the single daisy into a green glass vase too big for one flower. "That was so sweet of you. I love getting flowers." Was that a blatant hint or what?

The next day, I came home from work to find the green vase full of daisies, along with a single stem of Queen Anne's lace.


My joy knew no bounds. Again, I hugged and kissed my thoughtful husband, who protested weakly.

"I'm going to mow tomorrow, so why not bring a few into the house, since you like them and I would have cut them down anyway."

What a guy. How should I repay his thoughtfulness?

From Hermione's Heart


ronnie said...

I love flowers but alas P is the same as Ron, rarely buys me flowers.

I know just the thing for you to repay his thoughtfulness and you know the sort of thing I mean - his favourite sweets of course.


K's sweetie said... sweet! I agree with's the universal "thank you" ;)

findingsara said...

How charming! Although a bit suprised, He did notice your enthusiasm. It seems got the message! Sara

Anonymous said...

Love this!!

Mindset said...

It is the little things.

Hermione said...

Ronnie - Yes, perhaps some Ben and Jerry's ice cream would hit the spot.

K's Sweetie - Nothin' says lovin' like... well, that doesn't rhyme!

Sara - He did. Who knows? I might find a bouquet of clover or dandelions when I get home!

New Subbie - Welcome. I'm glad you liked it.

Mindset - Yes, very true.


Anonymous said...

I think a blowjob is something a man would absolutely love!!!!!

But, maybe that's just Daddy;)!



Kitty could well be right but food works surprisingly well on men as well (it does with me), so perhaps Ronnie has it right. Speaking as a man though, both is a very pleasing combination :^)


Erica said...

LOL... that is too cute! Yes, something sweet, for sure. If it's that hot and dry, ice cream is the ticket.

kiwigirliegirl said...

awe how sweet and lovely - its when it comes least expected that it means the most :) and i just love daisys.

Anonymous said...


I think your answer was even better than mine.

Favorite dessert/food + blowjob= a very satisfied/happy man!


Daisychain said...

;) Well, I am glad he has such good taste in flowers!!!!!!!

Red said...

Ron is a romantic... but when is the last time you bought him flowers..... or a nice bottle of Scotch...

Lea said...

Aww, how sweet of Ron. Why do you have to do something to return the favor? He should count himself lucky to be married to you. :-)

Hermione said...

Kitty - He does have a weakness for them!

Prefectdt - I thought Ronnie was alluding to the same thing Kitty recommended outright, but perhaps a steak to follow would help tick all the boxes.

Erica - Sweets for the sweet. That's a good idea. If only I could fins a store that still sold his favourite President's Choice cookies, he'd be in heaven.

Kiwi - Yes, it does mean more when it's unexpected.

Kitty - All bases covered now!

Daisy - I did think of you when I posted this picture.

Red - Well, he wouldn't want flowers for the reason I mentioned above, but a bottle of scotch would be perfect. The last time I bought single malt for him was Christmas.

Lea - Yes, I think he's lucky:) But I will probably do something nice for him anyway.


Red said...

surprise him with a single malt scotch, and say thanks for they flowers. It might make a connection that sometime soon you will get flowers purchased from somewhere.