Thursday, August 25, 2011

More about Plumbers' Butts

Season and Michael recently posted some funny "plumber's butt" pictures in an amusing post on the subject.

It reminded me of the day we had our new dishwasher delivered. Two strong delivery people removed the old one then carried in the new, energy-efficient, whisper-quiet one. Together they manhandled it into position then set to work installing it.

I thought it was interesting that while the person in charge was a good-looking, muscular man in his twenties, his apprentice was an equally muscular woman of around the same age. She followed his instructions, handed him tools when he asked for them, and when they crouched in front of the appliance to connect it to the kitchen plumbing, I saw that he had trained her well.

Both wore jeans without belts, and both displayed a generous amount of plumber's butt.

But then, looking at it from another point of view, some people have an extreme form of plumber's butt, even if they aren't in the business.

From Hermione's Heart


Haron said...

OMG, the sinister butt crack! Oh, that cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

Very funny post.

Season said...

Who would have thought a person might need to use a long-line bra to deal with butt crack?

Anonymous said...

Cute post! The last repairman that came to our home had bad plumber butt...I had to leave the room it was so bad, lol!


ronnie said...

Funny post Hermione. I hate to see those butt cracks.


Hermione said...

Haron - That was a wonderful find.

Joey - Thank you

Season - We come in all shapes and sizes!

Kitty - It's hard not to stare. What are they thinking of?

Ronnie - They should offer a discount for grossing out their customers.


Daisychain said...

Oh, my! LOL xxx

crankyspanker said...

Another true classic.

I really can't helping cracking a smile myself.



Anonymous said...

Given it is a world-wide phenomenum, and apparently gender-independent, there must be an underlying cause. Somewhere to put tools? Critical ventilation? To distract you fom the huge bill? :-)

Hermione said...

Daisy - The red thong is something!

Cranky Spanker - I was waiting for someone to say that!

Wordsmeith - I like the third possibility best:)


Red said...

butt cracks...definitely depends on who is showing how much...
lol the book...

Hermione said...

Red - Some butt cracks are enjoyable to look at, but I'd rather be introduced first.

The book was the perfect finishing touch. I knew I'd saved it for a reason.